3 black thugs viciously beat, injure white student on school bus: Where are Holder, Sharpton, Jackson?

by 1389 on August 6, 2013

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Left to right: Joshua Reddin, Julian McKnight, Lloyd Khemradj
Left to right: Joshua Reddin, Julian McKnight, Lloyd Khemradj [source]

Silly question, I know.

When the news first broke, the stories carefully avoided mentioning the race of the attackers or of the victim, even though the victim’s white hand is clearly visible in the video.

But then, nobody is allowed to tell the truth about the ongoing war against European-Americans. And nobody is allowed to say that school busing and forced integration of schools was, and is, wrong. Massive, centralized schools and long bus rides to get there have not resulted in better education for black kids. Instead, the past five decades have brought about declining educational results for everyone, vastly increased gang activity, and the constant threat of physical danger for law-abiding white kids.

3 Blacks Viciously Beat White Student On School Bus


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The three attackers were charged with aggravated battery. One was also charged with robbery for stealing the victim’s money after the beating. They apparently had tried to sell him drugs earlier in the day and he may have reported them, according to one report. The attackers are black and the victim is white.

Weasel Zippers has more.

School Bus Beating Discussed by Greg Gutfeld – David Webb – ‘The Five’ – Fox News – 8-6-13


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