Robert Zimmerman reveals family gets 400 death threats a MINUTE via social media

by 1389 on August 4, 2013

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How easy would it be to catch these cyberstalkers?

Where are the FBI and the NSA with their unlimited snooping capabilities?

They could pool their resources to track down those who violate US law by using the Internet to utter death threats against law-abiding US citizens.

But then, the FBI and the NSA are mob enforcers writ large; their mission has nothing to do with protecting the law-abiding US citizens who pay their salaries.

Daily Mail (UK): Zimmerman’s brother claims family gets 400 death threats a MINUTE and that a Starbucks employee told him ‘they’d beat the s*** out of him’

George Zimmerman’s brother today revealed their family receive as many as 400 death threats a minute on social media sites and said he almost got beaten up by two Starbucks’ employees.

Three weeks after his brother was acquitted of all charges relating to the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, Robert Zimmerman reveals for the first time the psychological impact it has had on the family – who live under constant fear and have to keep in touch 24/7.

‘No one has really asked us to get into the psychological aspect of this,’ he said. ‘You don’t know if some one stops you in public and says, “excuse me sir”, you don’t know if you dropped your wallet or if someone recognizes you and wants to kill you.

‘I think the whole ordeal has taught us to rely on one another. But it taxes everyone’s mind, knowing you have to stay in touch and in constant communication because of the threats.’

He told Breitbart about a time when his phone died as he was sleeping when the family got really worried and started looking for him.

After the verdict things got worse for them but their focus is to support each other and ‘doing everything to keep each other alive’.

The Zimmermans have to monitor social media to see if there are any rallies or protests organized to determine if it is safe for them to leave the house.

‘We have to monitor social media and the internet to see if there are any rallies nearby that pose a specific threat and we avoid them,’ he said.

‘The death threats usually come on social media, some are emailed. There’s a lot of “you better watch your back, I know where u are, I’m going to get you”.

‘Social media is a lot more bold. “I’m in Florida, I’m going to find you, I’m going to kill you, get you, we know where you are, etc.” and “Say hi to Trayvon Martin when I kill you”.

‘He said some of them allude to Trayvon Martin, but most of them do not.’

Zimmerman said the threats sometimes average 400 per minute.

Speaking about a time he was threatened in a Starbucks in Washington DC, he explains: ‘Someone thought I was George Zimmerman. I said, no, George is in jail. They started saying, “we know you’re Zimmerman; it’s right here on the receipt…”

‘They pulled out their phones and started texting people and calling people. Someone finally noticed the receipt said Robert instead of George, or R instead of G, and they said “Oh, it’s not George Zimmerman” and they all calmed down.

‘Someone then said “Yeah, but you look like that Mother f***er and if you were anyone of the Zimmerman’s we were going to take you outside and beat the sh*t out of you.” They were both Starbucks employees.
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“Say hi to Trayvon Martin when I kill you”

Only God knows what is in a person’s heart as he breathes his last. That said, unless Trayvon Martin repented of the manner in which he lived his life, he will receive no greeting form the Zimmermans in the hereafter.

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1 JettieG August 7, 2013 at 6:25 pm

These people are sick. Will they go after the three black teenage thugs who beat the white kid on the schoolbus?

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