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by 1389 on July 25, 2013

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Bare Naked Islam has the story.

Restore Australia is the organization providing the stickers shown above. Australian readers will find more information about identifying and avoiding “stealth” halal foods at Halal Choices.

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1 guest July 29, 2013 at 3:09 am

I looked at the Halal Choices site. It fails to explain just why Halal should be boycotted and even forbidden:

1. Halal products (food — meat, poultry, candy, etc) and non-edible (cosmetics, etc) have to be certified as halal. That means the official certification has to be paid for, the inspecting Moslem (usually, an imam.mosque or Islamic organization) paid, advertising, employment of Moslem butchers, slaughter houses and selling it on into the general food/product chain. All this gives profits to Moslems all along the process.

2. Moslems are required (in Koran 9:60) to pay a tax, Zakat, ‘charity/alms’ (one of the Five Pillars of Islam and, therefore, essential to it). It’s paid annually, usually 2.5% of individual income, and the Koran lists the parties, and uses, of Zakat.

3. One of those ‘uses’ is “for the Cause of Allah.” This is for JIHAD (“warfare to establish the religion” in Islamic law manuals like ‘Umdat al-Salik). That Manual, certified by al-Azhar University in Cairo as correctly stating Sunni Islamic law, has a whole section on Zakat and on its use for Jihad and funding the ‘mujahidun’ (the ones engaged in active, voluntary jihad i.e. not in “a military roster”).

This is why, whenever an Islamic ‘charity’ (like the Holy Land Foundation, US vs HLF 2008) is exposed as a conduit for funds to terrorists, it should come as no surprise: that’s partly what Zakat, ‘charity’ or ‘alms’ are meant for in Islam. This really exposes the political and seditious nature of Islam.

With every purchase of Halal products, you help to wage war against your own citizens or other Westerners. Halal is not “just” about Islamisizing the West: it’s about killing and defeating us, our countries and our Western liberties and civilization. The Halal World Congress boasted that Halal would conquer the world: it’s a trillion dollars war chest for Islam. THIS is what people and groups opposing Halal need to know.

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