Another reason to avoid relying on Facebook: Counterjihad pages being shut down

by Gramfan on July 9, 2013

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Facebook thumbs down

American Thinker: Blasphemy Law Comes to Facebook

By Paul Murphy

Over the last couple of weeks Facebook has clamped down heavily on various (around 40) counter-jihad and patriot pages.

The administrators of these pages were shocked when they logged on and found that their pages had suddenly ‘disappeared’. In some cases Facebook has made this statement: ‘Your Page was flagged for content containing nudity, pornography or sexual solicitation.’ The page admins, however, have claimed not to have posted anything with explicitly sexual content. What will have happened is that Muslims, and/or the Leftist whores/enablers-of-Islam, will have ‘reported’ these pages for ‘sexual content’ knowing full well that it would be much more difficult to make a political/religious case for banning them. (I’ve been reported by a Hope Not Hate (UK) member, and then banned by Facebook, for an innocent cartoon image — Facebook used the phrase ‘sexual content’ then too.) These pages will therefore have been consistently reported by Muslims, and/or Leftists, for anti-Islamic content, not for sexual or violent content.

So, perhaps unknowingly, the automated machine that is Facebook will mainly respond to Muslim and Leftist ‘reports’ without looking into their true nature and seeing they are in fact being taken for a ride by such people. And because Facebook is free it simply won’t have the manpower to check all reports. Thus it will ban indiscriminately — on reports alone. Either that, or the Muslims and Leftists who work for Facebook are taking matters into their own hands by imposing Sharia Blasphemy Law on Facebook without its owners, or those at the top level, knowing this.

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1 Uncle Vladdi July 10, 2013 at 9:41 pm

I haven’t used Fascbook in years – ever since their NSA-compliant and complicit malware and spyware crashed a few of my PCs which I had ONLY ever used for trolling Fascbook!

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