July 4, 2013: Nothing to celebrate today

by 1389 on July 4, 2013

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19th century plantation and 21st century plantation

'He has erected a multitude of new offices, and sent hither swarms of officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance.' 'A reading of the Declaration?' 'A reading of the C.B.O. report on Obamacare.'

Pelosi: Celebrate Obamacare with me on the 4th - Declaration of Dependence
From LegalInsurrection

Burning the American flag is a form of free speech? Try burning a rainbow flag and see if that too is a form of free speech.
Sounds like a plan…

Happy Independence Day to all adults still living at home with their mother

Happy Birthday America!! I was going to get you a gift but I had no money left after taxes

Naked man in bathtub in house partly washed away by NSA tsunami: 'We have nothing to hide, so what's the problem?'
More here.

Cat: I drink to kill the pain
Sounds like a plan…

Case Closed
Definitely nothing to celebrate.

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1 Elaine July 4, 2013 at 2:08 pm

yes there is something to celebrate. WE CELEBRATE for all of the men and women who have died serving in the Military for us.
We celebrate because July 4 did happen…we CANNOT allow anyone to take away the truth!!!! OR, to change the meaning of the Truth.
STAND UP AND CELEBRATE with your families and all of those who you don’t even know who feel the same way!

If a loved one is ill, you don’t give you. You continue to love them, supporting them in any way you can.

2 CzechRebel July 4, 2013 at 2:43 pm

I have done considerable research on the men who signed the Declaration on July 4, 1776. It is my considered opinion that if they could have seen the state of the US on July 4, 2013, many would have had second thoughts. Even the very sad events of July 4, 1863, would have been enough to give many of them a scare.

There is a difference between having a loved one who is ill and one who appears to be on his death bed or has already expired. There is also a danger of visiting a person with a highly contagious disease. We could be wrong, but it looks to us like the game is over for the US.

BTW, 1389 lost a cousin in Vietnam. Her father and uncles served in WW II. My grandfathers both fought in WW I. I think if they were still alive, they would ALL understand why we feel there is no longer anything to celebrate.

3 Elaine July 4, 2013 at 2:51 pm

I, too, have family who has served in all of the wars. I can only go back to the Civil War when two brothers in my family made the decision to fight for different causes. One was for the North and the Other the South. It was such a shameful secret in my family that I was not told about it until I was in my 40’s.

WE have have MEMORY of Our Country. We have LOVE of Our Country. We have Love for Our Families, our neighbors and friends who ARE still Americans and are just as upset as we are. Dig UP that pride and love for our country. That is what gives you the strength. Do NOT allow your soul to accept what is going on as righteous.

As Long as we hold OUR County in Our Hearts, Pray, and act in any way we are able to support the Love Of Country…we must do so.

4 CzechRebel July 5, 2013 at 12:49 pm


It is a very shameful thing to have joined Lincoln’s tyrannical Union Army, which invade the free and independent South and was the seeds of all the evil the US currently is experiencing. However, children should know that they have such linage so that they will think twice before doing such a thing.

Al Capone Jr., the son of the famous gangster, was fired from his car dealership job because he considered spinning back speedometers on used cars to be dishonor. This was a common practice in that day and most everyone knew it was being done. Martin Bormann Jr., the son of the famous Nazi, was a great spokesman against Nazism and Fascism. So, knowing that you had a Yankee invader in your family may have actually helped others lead a more wholesome life.

I know this is a hard pill to shallow. Those Yankees raped and murder many civilians, especial the African-Americans in the South. They did much damage to civilian property just to be mean. They stole their provision and never paid a dime, while the gentlemanly General Lee insisted that his soldier pay in full for any provision they might need to requisition.

No, tell your family story to all. One family member fought to free the South from Northern tyranny; the other fought for big government tyranny. Our 1389 blog supports causes of Christian freedom like the Confederacy and opposes atheist Communist tyranny so epitomized in the Lincoln regime.

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