Israel must not recognize Kosovo’s phony “independence”

by 1389 on July 4, 2013

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Jerusalem Post – Letters, June 30, 2013

Phony independence

Sir, – Thank you to Michael Freund for his excellent article taking a principled and logical stance against Israel recognizing Kosovo’s phony independence (“Say ‘no’ to Kosovo,” Fundamentally Freund, Comment and Features,” June 25).

Israel has nothing to gain from recognizing Kosovo, Europe’s poorest drug-running/organ harvesting province, which is now a safe haven (protected by NATO) for Islamic terrorists and from which the West has suffered significant “blowback.”

International law and the concept of national sovereignty have been totally violated there, which is setting a horrible precedent around the world that terrorists can successfully alter the borders of sovereign nations with US support.

Does Israel, with its patchwork of many ethnic groups, really want to encourage secessionists and the violation of international law? I presume that Israeli leaders know better than to do that.

MICHAEL PRAVICA Henderson, Nevada

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1 maria July 4, 2013 at 2:51 pm

Agree. Israel can only lose by recognizing Kosovo´s independance.
Kosovo is part of Serbia.

2 Uncle Vladdi July 5, 2013 at 9:51 pm

Not only is Kosovo part of Setbia, it’s actually the heart of Serbia.

It was first invaded by the Turkish jihadis 500 years ago, and they were eventually removed.

Then only 60 years ago, ADOLF HITLER and his best bud, HAJ-AMIN AL-HUSSEINI, the so-called ‘Grand Mufti’ of the fake country of ‘palestine,’ decided to “ethnically cleanse” (genocide) the peaceful, Christian Serbs out of their own heartland, and replace them with hordes of much more nazi-compatible muslim jihadis from nearby Albania, (which had itself been genocided of its own previously Greek, Christian poulation by those same Turkish jihadis).

So the islamonazis haven’t been there for very long, are only invaders, and so should have been run back to Turkey long ago … and would have been, except for the complicit treason of one Bill Clinton and his insane coterie of libtarded stooges, who used NATO to screw the Serbs out of their own country, while encouraging the islamic extortion racket.

If this is allowed to remain as precedent, how long before the same “right to Protect/R2P” (aka the false “Right To Invade”) is used by the muslim-dominated UN (Ummah Nations) to “ethnically cleanse” (genocide) all the Jews out of Israel itself?!

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