Sydney: Convicted murderer Bassam Hamzy ran drug ring from jail

by Gramfan on July 3, 2013

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The Australian has the story:

Bassam Hamzy
Bassam Hamzy has had his jail
sentence increased by 14 years.
Source: The Daily Telegraph

NOTORIOUS criminal Bassam Hamzy has been sentenced to another 14 years in prison for running a drug ring from within jail and orchestrating kidnappings and assaults.

The details of Hamzy’s crimes and punishment were revealed on Wednesday after the NSW Court of Criminal Appeal lifted a suppression order on his sentence, which was handed down in May this year.

In the sentence, Judge Peter Zahra said that while the convicted murderer was serving time in Lithgow jail he obtained a contraband mobile phone.

From May to June 2008, police listened in as Hamzy made more than 19,500 calls, directing the supply of massive amounts of drugs between Sydney and Melbourne, as well as orchestrating the intimidation of others.

In one call, Hamzy instructs an associate to get a knife and stand over a victim with the blade against his ear.

“Let me speak to him before you cut his ears off, so he can hear what I’m saying,” Hamzy said.

In another, Hamzy directed an associate to go to the house of a man who owed him $25,000 and kick his door in and bash him.

After the associate tied the man up, Hamzy told him to tell the man:

“If I ever have to come up there again, I’m gunna cut all his fingers off … Next time I’ll take his ears and make them into a necklace.”

The court heard that the group run by Hamzy was made up of family members and associates, and that numerous intercepted phone calls related to creating an organisation similar to the Outlaw Motorcycle Gang.

No prizes for guessing his religion/national origin; his bushy beard and close-trimmed mustache give it away

Daily Telegraph (AU): Middle Eastern crime connections

…The question is often asked – where does religion fit? Deb Wallace, the head of the Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad, says police make no record of religious background when arrests are made.

As she and other officers see it, religious faith has no bearing other than to further reflect migration patterns. Earlier mobsters like the Bayehs were Christian Lebanese. Many of the later pretenders are Muslim. The Karam/Kanaan mob were a mix of both Christian and Muslim.

If religion does figure at all it seems to do so more after they are locked up and find what is sometimes called “prislam”.

Bassam Hamzy, a murderer and Islam convert, has been able to exercise considerable influence in jail, accruing a following among Aboriginal inmates. [emphasis added]

The gang, Brothers for Life, has been linked to Hamzy, with members tattooing his name prominently on arms and legs. After he was allegedly discovered running a lucrative drugs business from inside via mobile phone, Hamzy was moved to Goulburn’s Supermax. Managing the more radical prisoners convicted of criminal offences can be more testing than managing inmates convicted of terrorism offences…

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