Kevin Rudd – The Recycled Prime Minister

by Gramfan on June 26, 2013

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Recycled ALP leader

AP: Aussie PM Gillard loses leadership ballot to Rudd

By Rod McGuirk

CANBERRA, Australia (AP) – Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard was ousted as Labor Party leader Wednesday by her predecessor, Kevin Rudd, in a vote of party lawmakers hoping to avoid a huge defeat in upcoming elections.

The ballot took place three years and two days after Gillard ousted Rudd in a similar internal government showdown to become the country’s first female prime minister. Wednesday’s vote makes Rudd leader of the party, but he is not yet prime minister and may not get the job if lawmakers abandon Labor’s ruling coalition.

Party official Chris Hayes said Gillard lost 57 votes to 45.

Rudd will likely have to demonstrate that he can command a majority of lawmakers in the House of Representatives before Governor-General Quentin Bryce makes him prime minister as early as Thursday.

If he cannot, opposition leader Tony Abbott could be asked to form a government, or the elections could be moved up from September to August.

Labor controls 71 seats in the 150-seat House of Representatives, Abbott’s coalition holds 72 and the remaining 7 are held by independents or the minor Greens party.

Constitutional lawyer George Williams of the University of New South Wales said it is likely that the government will retain power with the support of independent lawmakers and Rudd as prime minister.

The Sept. 14 election was a Gillard promise. Rudd could call an election as early as Aug. 3.

Kevin Rudd punches out Julia Gillard, grabs microphone from the referee
Kevin Rudd punches out Julia Gillard, grabs microphone from the referee [source]

Julia Gillard was never voted in to be Prime Minister of Australia. It was Kevin Rudd way back then in 2007.

Our voting system is unlike that of the USA – the leader of the winning party gets to be Prime Minister – the unions needed to oust the Conservative Liberal Party, lead by John Howard, and they needed Kevin Rudd for that.

He had a ‘nice image’ and no ties to the unions. Once he got Labor into power he eventually had to go and so we ended up with Julia Gillard: a Fabian Socialist and member of Emily’s List. The “Listers’” played a big role in getting her and other leftist female politicians into power both at state and federal levels.

Kevin had passed his ‘use by date’. His own party said he was on the wrong track, he was an egomaniac, his policies were bad and many, many other things that were most unflattering, as this clip shows. The Liberal Party is using it as an election advertisement. Labor in their own words.

Labor Chaos

Published on Jun 25, 2013 by LiberalPartyTV

Kevin Rudd was responsible for spending the country into huge debt, instigating stupid other money-wasting schemes, and allowing an influx of some 45,000 illegal immigrants, mostly Islamic, which the previous PM John Howard had stopped!

Many Australians consider the immigration debacle a very important issue as well as the economy.

Gillard took the reins and became the first female Prime Minister of Australia.

However, she added to everything Kevin Rudd started and made it even worse!

That ‘First Female PM’ statistic wore off. She soon became the most detested PM Australia had ever had! She blamed this on her gender and misogyny but that was never true.

People detested her policies and mistakes. Many would have been happy to have a successful First Female Prime Minister.

Her advisor, John McTernan, an ex-advisor to Tony Blair, came up with some truly incredible stunts which did not go down very well with many voters who began to see her as a total fake. The last straw for many was her “knitting stunt”. Knitting for the next royal baby when she is in fact a republican through and through, let alone the fact that being an Emily’s Lister makes her as pro-abortion as is humanly possible!

Madame De Farge, anyone?

Knitting story falls apart as Gillard’s staff run for cover

She is unmarried and has no children: not a big issue at all, but hypocrisy certainly is!

Her poll numbers dropped to extraordinarily low levels and something had to be done. Not to mention the fact that she is being investigated by the Victorian Police for fraud.

The Pickering Post: Gillard Files

Kevin Rudd had to be resurrected/recycled in order to prevent a total wipe out of the Labor Party at the next election which Gillard had set for September 14th.

Now it seems it will be earlier, possibly August.

And should Kevin Rudd be re-elected, my prediction is that Bill Shorten, union man and son-in-law of our Governor General – the Queen’s representative – Quentin Bryce will be waiting to fill the void.

I cannot predict who will win out of the Labor and Liberal Parties. I certainly don’t want any party that cares only about their own power and not the good of the country. Does a party that cares about the good of the country exist? I doubt it! And we have compulsory voting here. One can only vote for the lesser of two evils.

Over to some more experienced political pundits:

Piers Ackerman on this:
Three years of venom, vitriol and vengeance

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The Financial Review on this via Michael Smith’s Blog:
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Michael has been outstanding in his search for the truth about Julia Gillard’s illegal activities.
Does the exposë of The AWU Scandal lose impetus now with Ms Gillard’s departure?

It would have been quite something to see a former Prime Minister face the courts.

But then again, like the USA our courts are mainly stacked with ‘bleeding heart, chardonnay-sipping, inner city greenie lefties’!

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