Dr Terry Jones will Speak in Washington, DC, July 16, 2013 on Freedom of Speech and Islam in America

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Update: Event cancelled

Imam Johari Abdul-Malik, under pressure from the Muslim community and under pressure from CAIR, cancelled his appearance at the event in Washington DC. The purpose of the event was to have a dialogue concerning the dangers of Islam, the threat that Islam poses to western society, and was to focus on the fact that Islam is not compatible with western society or with western free thinking.

Islam is a bully. We see that in its fourteen hundred year history of Islamic crusades of violence, death and destruction that started in Saudi Arabia and has spread all through the Middle East, parts of Africa, moving up into Europe. Now it tries, and threatens the very foundation of our society, which is freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of the press. It is destroying our right to question as well as the freedom to express ourselves through critical thinking.

Islam reacts as most bullies when it is confronted. When a bully is confronted, he runs and hides. Islam is no different because it does not have a foundation of truth. Its foundation is based upon lies and deception. It is based upon trying to get the western world to believe something that is simply not true which is that Islam is a religion of peace.

There is no peace, there is no freedom, there are no civil rights, human rights, women’s rights, religious rights, and freedom of speech or freedom of expression in countries dominated by Islam.

We will continue to sound the alarm that the United States of America should wake up to the real threat of Islam. Otherwise, we will find ourselves going the way of the Middle East and eventually the way of Europe.

Thank you
Dr Terry Jones
Stand Up America Now

From Stand Up America Now:

Freedom speech, freedom of religion, Islam and Muslims in America

A dialogue with Jones and Malik

Date and Time

Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion

Islam and Muslims in America

A Dialogue With Pastor Terry Jones and Imam Johari Abdul-Malik

Date: Tuesday, July 16th 2013

Time: 6:30pm – 9:30pm

Place: New York Ave Presbyterian Church

1313 New York Ave, NW, Washington, DC

Free – Reception and Ramadan Iftar “Breaking the Fast” provided

For more information contact ICMES.NET,
the International Council for Middle East Studies

Dr Terry Jones is the President of Stand Up America Now and is well known for promoting Koran burning events. It is our desire to draw attention to the violent nature of Islam and to send a warning to proponents of radical Islam. Various United States Government officials, including President Obama, have personally contacted Dr Jones or have spoken publicly opposing his events. We will mark September 11th, 2013 with another Koran burning in the Tampa Bay area.

Dr Jones is a staunch promoter of the First Amendment, believing in our God given right to speak about and freely chose our beliefs without government control. In fact, it is government’s role to protect these rights. He has led many other events around America, speaking several times in New York City near the 9/11 site, leading rallies in front of the Egyptian Consulate in Los Angeles with the support of Copt Christian groups, and in front of the White House.

In Dearborn, Michigan, Dr Jones has been met by heavy security, locked down buildings, canceled events and riots. Criminal charges for planning a street rally, and the subsequent jail time were fought and overturned in a higher court. We still have free speech in America, but with the rise in the Muslim population here we must not take this for granted.

Imam Abdul-Malik is an American convert to Islam, the Director of Outreach for one of the most powerful mosques in America, Dar al-Hijrah Islamic Center (DAH) in Falls Church, Virginia. The top Imam at DAH is Shaker Elsayed, an Egyptian Sharia Law scholar trained by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Although DAH presents a moderate front to America, it has a history of radical activities and continues to promote an anti-American agenda behind the scenes. Financed by the Saudi Wahabbis, the mosque has taken a leading role in the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT), the Muslim American Society (MAS), and it is said that nothing happens at the Council on American–Islamic Relations (CAIR) unless this mosque is consulted.

Dar al-Hijrah Islamic Center has been home to 9/11 bombers, the Fort Hood shooter, and Imam Anwar al-Awlaki, who fled to Yemen after 9/11, has now been killed by a US drone, but who built a still deadly al-Qaeda branch that inspired the Boston bombers, among many other jihadis, and a magazine featuring an image of Dr Terry Jones with his brains being blown out for “Crimes Against Islam.” 

We are as curious as you may be to know what the representative of this organization has to say about Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion in America. Dr Jones is honored to be speaking in the church attended by United States President Abraham Lincoln, and thankful to Mr Norton Mezvinsky of ICMES for arranging this event.

Dr Jones will be accompanied to the event by
Ahmed Abaza, President of Truth TV
Morris Sedak (also featured on the Inspire Poster)
Elia Basily, President of the Coptic State of Egypt
Dr Masud Ansari, author of Psychology of Mohammad

Mr Sedak, Mr Basily and Dr Jones were all sentenced to death in Egypt for their role in promoting the movie Innocence of Muslims. Mr Abaza is an Egyptian ex-Muslim convert to Christianity who was the ‘prosecuting attorney’ for our trial of the Koran in March 2011.

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