Was the NSA spy dragnet set up (at least in part) to catch movie/music downloaders?

by 1389 on June 19, 2013

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1984 was not supposed to be an instruction manual

Line up the facts and connect the dots:

  • With few exceptions, Hollywood and the media/entertainment industry, are Obama’s biggest supporters, fund-raisers, contributors, shills, and boon companions.
  • They make much of their income on account of the current stringent US copyright laws and from the ever-lengthening period of copyright protection.
  • As all monopolies are designed to do, the copyright monopoly allows the industry to price their output higher and garner higher profits than it otherwise could.
  • The entertainment industry funnels some of that income back to sympathetic leftist politicians, such as Obama.
  • Massive surveillance of the Internet via the NSA enables the federal government to monitor patterns of data transfer on the Internet. That gives them the tools to identify, apprehend, and punish anyone attempting to defy that monopoly by downloading copyrighted entertainment.


Now let’s look at the lo-fo kids who got taken in by all of the hopey-changey stuff in 2008 and then, after four years that profited them nothing, voted for Obama again in 2012

I’ll admit that it isn’t easy for me to step into their shoes, even for a few moments. I’m roughly thrice their age. My tastes and preferences run in a different direction. With few exceptions, I consider the output of Hollywood to be such ungodly tripe that I would not bother to watch it even if it were free of charge.

As Peter Ingemi reminds us, youthful LIVs (low-information voters), who have come through a dozen or more years of leftist indoctrination in the schools, are disengaged from political issues that they don’t see as affecting them directly. Young LIVs have not been obliged to put anything to the test of reality. Those who are employed don’t rely on their jobs to survive or for medical insurance; they are still living with their parents, or are in college funded by student loans that they don’t yet realize they won’t be able to pay back. Few youths serve in the military or have any idea of what foreign policy is all about.

But they do love their mindless Hollywood entertainment, along with the music that has become a soundtrack to their lives. Many of them make a hobby out of seeing how much stuff they can download for free and pass along for fun and profit.

…then Obama came for the Downloaders…

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1 CzechRebel June 19, 2013 at 9:06 am

“1984 was not supposed to be an instruction manual.”? Could have fooled me!

Those of us who read it in the early 1970s ONLY feared it because it sure seemed to be “an instruction manual.” Remember that George Orwell was an “out of the closet” socialist.

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