Obama Administration: No plans to end the widespread NSA/PRISM surveillance program

by 1389 on June 11, 2013

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An exchange at the end of this thread at 2.0: The Blogmocracy:
What about Edward Snowden; Hero or Rat? Let’s Have the Debate.

1389AD wrote:

song_and_dance_man wrote:

lobo91 wrote:

It’s preferred that you utilize the chain of command, but not required.

Exactly, and that is why i lean towards Hero. He knew that an operation like this MUST be keep secret within the confines of the operation, and that any concerns of his about the illegality of it would be kept in-house. Also, Congress, as well a ‘secret Judge’ authorized it’s implementation. What cold Issa do with that? I hold that going to the ‘Press’ was his only heroic rat option.

What I think.

Our entire system is completely broken, through and through. It can no longer be fixed by lawful means, and probably not even by peaceable means.

He could not have gone to the US press either.

brookly red wrote:

heysoos wrote:

if you need to capture and prosecute this kid, then by that same standard BO and Holder should be prosecuted for breaking a more important oath than secrecy…wtf? people

you do realize this is exactly the precedent they were looking to set up with the droning… we have already excepted that we can kill an American citizen overseas with out any process let alone due simply because lord O deems him a threat, now wonder he went to China… personally I might have picked Russia but oh well.

He had to go to a place that can defend itself against the US. That means a nuclear power that is not allied with the US. Not many options there.

waldensianspirit wrote:

US: No plans to end broad surveillance program

Freedom’s over folks

Iron Fist wrote:

Yeah, Obama has nullified the Constitution. Freedom doesn’t end with a Bang, but with a whimper. As I have noted many times, Obama isn’t doing this to go after terrorists. If he were, they would have caught Tamerlan Tsarnaev before the Boston Bombing. They’d have caught Maj. Hasan before his shooting rampage. These people telegraphed what they were going to do, and all the warning signs were ignored. With Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the Russians warned us about him. If the Obama Administration were doing this surveilance to catch terrorists, they would have caught these two. They did not catch them. Whatever they are doing the surveilance for, it isn’t to catch terrorists.

Focusing on Edward Snowden is a distraction

The story is not about Snowden at all. Focusing on him is a huge mistake. I don’t care if he’s a hero, a villain, a pawn, or something else entirely. It doesn’t matter who or what he is.

The story is about totalitarianism in America and about the attempt to spread this totalitarianism worldwide by acting on the side of the jihadis at every turn while pretending to be fighting against “terrorism.”

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