Soros-funded Human Rights Watch to Kenyan government: Leave terrorists alone

by 1389 on June 1, 2013

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Human Rights Watch exists for the purpose of smearing every country that attempts to resist Islamization. Never take any of their accusations at face value.

From the 1389 Blog mailbox:


The new Kenyan government implements new security measures to protect its citizens from the thousands of radicalized Somalis who live in Nairobi with dozens of radical mosques and madrassas there in the heart of the capital Nairobi. Then radical secular leftist group known as “human rights watch” starts condemning the Kenyan government of human rights “abuses” etc etc.

My humble observation tells me wherever a country adopts this Western style “liberal democracy” there follows “extreme human rightism”, erosion of Christian values and traditional common sense beliefs, social decadence and lost of identity, political correctness, unwillingness or inability to fight back against evil, open and glamorized homosexuality and the complete destruction of the family unit and traditional moral values. We see this today in all over Western countries and unfortunately most countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America are blindly following this path which will only lead them to destruction and general decadence and confusion in the coming years. While the West is leading the Rest towards this path of destruction, immorality and materialism, radical muslims worldwide are taking advantage of this confusion and are promoting their evil and barbaric ideologies in all over the globe and killing thousands and millions in the process.

The time has come to rethink this “liberal democracy” thing which we are worshiping like a god.

May be it is the time to go back to the old path of common sense for that is where the salvation is.

– JS

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1 Elaine June 1, 2013 at 12:34 pm

Surely! Surely, I am misunderstanding. Soros wants the TERRORISTS left alone?
My mind is so full of bizarre, hate-filled attacks including beheading people, raping children and women that I cannot seem to find a place in my file this away except under “Evil.”

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