Somali gangs randomly attacking and punching joggers in broad daylight in Minneapolis USA

by 1389 on June 1, 2013

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Published on May 28, 2013 by GroundZeroMosque .

Six to seven Somali gang members have been randomly attacking and punching unsuspecting joggers and runners out for a jog. This is happening in Minneapolis United States.

In broad daylight, and within full view of a busy stretch of East River Road, a group of seven young men struck two joggers totally at random.

The joggers were out for a Sunday run near East River Road and 37th Avenue North when each one was suddenly and viciously punched by the group.

Lt. Mike Monsrud, of Fridley Police, says attacks like these are rare.

The victims said their attackers demanded no money and said few words before striking. The attacks, according to Monsrud, appear to be unprovoked.

The first attack occurred around 3:25 p.m. Sunday afternoon, followed by the second incident in the same general area about 20 minutes later.

“Without talking to them (the attackers), we have no idea what motivated them. It does not appear to be robbery or any other means to a greater crime,” Monsrud added.

The jogging trail follows along the Mississippi River and connects to the nearby Anoka County Riverfront Park. That’s where Carlos Rodriguez comes to get in some exercise and play with his kids.

But to Rodriguez, the safety of the park and its trails is now in question.

“It’s surprising, because there are a lot of people here…and there’s never a quiet moment in this area,” Rodriguez said. “You see the cars going in and out of here all the time.”

Police say this is the first incident of this nature that’s been reported along the jogging path.

“It’s a very rare thing, a very concerning thing, to us,” Monsrud said. “That’s why we’re doing what we can to try and get these people identified.”

Anyone with information on the incident is asked to contact Fridley Police.

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1 Zenster June 1, 2013 at 3:18 pm

“Without talking to them (the attackers), we have no idea what motivated them. It does not appear to be robbery or any other means to a greater crime,” Monsrud added.

These stupid, effing moron bastards will continue to insist that such incidents are “random attacks” by “lone wolves” right up and until the moment when an Islamic oxygen thief detonates a nuclear bomb in some major American metropolis. Hell, even after that there will be droves of these useful idiots insisting, like Bush 2.0 did, that it was the actions of a few “misguided individuals” that have hijacked a “peaceful religion”.

Short of forcibly exiling these multi-culti lunatics to some random Muslim hellhole, there is likely no means of ever persuading them that Islam = Death (even for Muslims). The only way that they will ever be convinced is when they have their own ass kicked or daughter raped by Islamic scum and by then too many Muslims will have been imported to where America will be lost forever.

It took the incompetent political train wreck named Obama to convince me that these Liberal feebs are more dangerous than Islam. If there were no Muslims on earth, these bleeding hearts would still manage find some other aggressively vicious group to resettle in our midst and cause the exact same mayhem.

2 Joe June 2, 2013 at 3:40 am

Randomly punch them back with a nine millimeter :mrgreen:

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