Terry Jones’ Statement Concerning Boy Scout’s Decision Allowing Gay Boys to Become Members

by 1389 on May 27, 2013

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“Rainbow flag”: Flag of
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Another institution, the Boy Scouts, has given into pressure turning cowardly by backing down from their own principles with their decision to allow gay boys into the Boy Scouts.

What is next? Gay instructors? What is happening to our nation when we can no longer stand for our principles? We have become a nation that is willing to betray our own standards as a result of giving into pressure from individuals, pressure from the government, and of course pressure from the gay community.

The gay community is one that operates under pressure forcing people to accept their lifestyle. We no longer live in a free country. We live in a country that is dictated by special interest groups and those who apply the most pressure.

If we lived in a free America, institutions like the Boy Scouts who do not agree with homosexuality, could freely decide that they do not want to allow homosexual boys into their clubs and that decision would be respected.

Homosexuals and other groups are always demanding respect for their decisions, respect for their lifestyles, respect for their choices but that is strictly a one-way street. They have absolutely no respect for someone else’s opinions and others’ choices. They only desire to apply pressure and push their agenda through.

If we continue as a nation to allow this, we will no longer be a free nation governed by our own conscience, by our own will, by freedom of speech. Instead, we will be a nation whose decisions will be dictated by special interest groups, and by groups with the most money applying who apply the most pressure.

It is time for America to stand up and become free again.

Thank you,
Dr. Terry Jones
Stand Up America Now

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