Orthodox Christian New Gračanica Monastery (Chicago suburbs) – music by Divna Ljubojević

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New Gračanica Monastery (Serbian: Манастир Нoва Грачаница, Manastir Nova Gračanica) is a Serbian Orthodox monastery complex located in Third Lake, Illinois, USA, a suburb of Chicago. The complex houses a scaled up replica of the Gračanica monastery in Kosovo.

Painted in a Byzantine style it features richly colored designs and religious scenes covering the walls, vaults, pillars and dome of the church. The frescoes painted by Fr. Theodore Jurewicz [more here], like other contemporary iconographers are done in acrylics on dry plaster. When one walks in, the church reflects brightness, hope, beauty, optimism, life. Described as religiously significant scenes and symbols, icons are painted on wood boards (the typical icon), done as mosaics (in stone, marble or tile) or painted as the frescoes that frequently cover the plastered surfaces of early Orthodox Christian churches. In the Orthodox Church we have not just an oral tradition, but also a visual tradition. Iconography represents that visual tradition. Icons are often referred to as ‘the gospel in colors’.” Icons are like windows to heaven. They are windows that take us to another kind of reality. We don’t pray to the images. We pray through them. Fr. Theodore was asked what it means to paint an icon. He said, “Painting an icon is like making a journey from darkness into light. In most paintings, the artist starts light and adds darker shades. In icons you go from dark to light. It is the Byzantine tradition of painting, although you can also think of it theologically as going from the darkness of ignorance to the light of enlightenment.” The frescoes were blessed in October of 1998 by His Holiness Patriarch PAVLE.

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Music used in the process of making this video is one of Christians prayers “Oče naš” or “Dear Father in Haven” chanted by Divna Ljubojević, one of the best Orthodox chant singers. The prayer is in Serbian language. That is one of the most common prayers in Orthodox and Catholic traditions.

Patriarch Irinej visits New Gracanica, Libertyville; Patrijarh Irinej u Gracanici i Libertivilu

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Divna Ljubojevic – Agni partene Αγνή Παρθένε, Orthodox chant

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Angelic voice of Divna Ljubojevic, singing the Agni Partene, song dedicated to Virgin Mary, Mother of God
Prelepo izvođenje pesme posvećene Presvetoj Bogorodici
Orthodox music, Serbian chant
Pravoslavna muzika, vizantijsko pojanje, srpsko pojanje
Marijo slavna
Αγνή Παρθένε

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