Seal Team 6 parents outraged over Imam cursing son at funeral, outing team for political reasons

by 1389 on May 14, 2013

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Published on May 13, 2013 by GroundZeroMosque .

Shocking news as parents of Seal Team 6 and other Navy Seals, and National Guard and soldiers who were killed on August 2011 after they were outed by the Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden, who identified the team. Parents of those killed by the Taliban and Al Qaeda want to know why the military allowed a Muslim imam to officiate over the dead U.S. serviceman who damned and cursed them in an Arabic prayer. The parents also want to know why VP Joe Biden let out that Seal Team 6 was involved in the mission to get Usama Bin Laden, which put a wanted sign on Seal Team 6. Three months after the bin Laden mission a Chinook helicopter carrying members of the Seal Team 6 was targeted and shot down killing over 28 servicemen, including some of the Seals.

Navy SEAL Team 6 families blame Obama & Feds

Published on May 15, 2013 by SDAMatt2a

Three families of Navy SEAL Team VI special forces servicemen, along with one family of an Army National Guardsman, will appear at a press conference on May 9, 2013, to disclose never before revealed information about how and why their sons along with 26 others died in a fatal helicopter crash in Afghanistan on August 6, 2011, just a few months after the successful raid on the compound of Osama Bin Laden that resulted in the master terrorist’s death.

Accompanying the families of these dead Navy SEAL Team VI special operations servicemen will be retired military experts verifying their accounts of how and why the government is as much responsible for the deaths of their sons as is the Taliban.

The areas of inquiry at the press conference will include but not be limited to:

1. How President Obama and Vice President Biden, having disclosed on May 4, 2011, that Navy Seal Team VI carried out the successful raid on Bin Laden’s compound resulting in the master terrorist’s death, put a retaliatory target on the backs of the fallen heroes.

2. How and why high-level military officials sent these Navy SEAL Team VI heroes into battle without special operations aviation and proper air support.

3. How and why middle-level military brass carries out too many ill-prepared missions to boost their standing with top-level military brass and the Commander-in-Chief in order that they can be promoted.

4. How the military restricts special operations servicemen and others from engaging in timely return fire when fired upon by the Taliban and other terrorist groups and interests, thus jeopardizing the servicemen’s lives.

5. How and why the denial of requested pre-assault fire may have contributed to the shoot down of the Navy SEAL Team VI helicopter and the death of these special operations servicemen.

6. How Afghani forces accompanying the Navy SEAL Team VI servicemen on the helicopter were not properly vetted and how they possibly disclosed classified information to the Taliban about the mission, resulting in the shoot down of the helicopter.

7. How military brass, while prohibiting any mention of a Judeo-Christian God, invited a Muslim cleric to the funeral for the fallen Navy SEAL Team VI heroes who disparaged in Arabic the memory of these servicemen by damning them as infidels to Allah. A video of the Muslim cleric’s “prayer” will be shown with a certified translation.

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