Report: Obama administration used IRS, other government agencies to persecute True The Vote

by 1389 on May 14, 2013

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Comments on an open thread at Conservative Victory News:

I_ME_MINE · 21 hours ago

The non-partisan True The Vote, aka King street patriots was under attack as well….all the way back to 2010.
Start @ 11:20. KTRH-AM berry_5p_051313

Please listen to this. Chilling.

knuckles II · 21 hours ago

I listened to it. Unbelievable.
After she joined True The Vote, she and her husband got multiple visits from the IRS, the FBI, BATF, the EPA, and OSHA. Low-level bureaucrats in the field can’t order all those agencies to investigate her; it had to come from a high level (Washington).

Organizations like True The Vote might have kept Obama from stealing the 2012 election

True The Vote is an organization that combats voter intimidation and election fraud. They help eligible US citizens to obtain valid identification and to register to vote. They educate the public about the election laws in each of the states. They serve as a clearinghouse for reporting violations of those laws. Despite the attempts of the Obama campaign to discredit and destroy the organization, True The Vote did what it could to collect information about vote fraud and voter intimidation during the 2012 presidential election. Unfortunately, the deck was stacked against True The Vote and against all of us who tried to resist the Obama putsch.

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