Lies and anti-Serbian propaganda in The New York Times

by 1389 on May 14, 2013

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Serbia’s Ambassador to the World has the story:

By Karl Haudbourg
An article written by David L. Phillips with the headline ‘How to Heal Balkan Wounds for Good’ talking about Albanians, Serbs and Kosovo, was published in the New York Times on May 10, 2013, and was published on the New York Times website on May 9, 2013, reaching millions of Americans (the NYT website is America’s most popular news site, receiving more than 30 million unique visitors per month). Well, what millions of American people have read is false Anti-Serbian propaganda and lies:

An overwhelming majority of Albanians support democracy, human rights and free markets. They are pro-Western and pro-NATO. In contrast, Serbs have had a history of intolerance against non-Serbs and Muslims, and of aggression and forced expulsions to create a Serbian homeland in territories where they have historical claims — notably Kosovo, but also Bosnia.

What on earth is this hateful anti-Serbian propaganda masquerading as “opinion” is doing in the New York Times? I know. Albanians are the good guys, supporting democracy, human rights, free markets and are pro-Western and pro-NATO. And Serbs are “in contrast” the bad guys not supporting democracy and human rights. It’s a lie of course. Serbia is a modern European democratic country supporting human rights and free markets. And the ‘bad’ Serbs “in contrast” to the ‘good’ Albanians “have had a history of intolerance against non-Serbs and Muslims, and of aggression and forced expulsions.” Typical anti-Serbian propaganda.

It’s not the Serbs who have a history of intolerance and aggression and forced expulsions. It’s the Albanians. In Kosovo, it was the ‘good’ Albanians from the KLA (the Kosovo Liberation Army, an ethnic-Albanian paramilitary organization which sought the separation of Kosovo from Yugoslavia during the 1990s) who pursued a strategy of destabilising Kosovo by acts of terrorism in the hope of provoking Western intervention. NATO was forced to admit that the KLA was “the main initiator of the violence” and its actions a “deliberate campaign of provocation” against Serbs. According to the report of the U.S. Committee for Refugees “Kosovo Liberation Army…attacks aimed at trying to ‘cleanse’ Kosovo of its ethnic Serb population.”

What this outrageous article did not say is that 6000 Kosovo Serbs were killed by the ‘good’ Albanians after the war between June 1999 and December 2000 , and that KLA killers of Serbs in Kosovo were never investigated… And that 14 years ago NATO bombed Serbia to steal Kosovo from Serbia (killing 2000 Serbian civilians) and to give it to the ‘good’ Albanians thanks to the Western media stories of mass graves, aggression and forced expulsions. Lies. Teams from 17 NATO countries organized by the Hague Tribunal on War Crimes searched occupied Kosovo all summer of 1999 but found a total of only 2,108 bodies, of all nationalities. Some had been killed by NATO bombing and some in the war between the UCK and the Serbian police and military. They found not one mass grave and could produce no evidence of massacres or of “genocide.”

Lies, and anti-Serbian propaganda in Western media. It never stops. It must stop. It’s time for the New York Times to stop publishing such hateful “opinion” and to stop spreading anti-Serbian propaganda in the United States.

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