National Security Expert Declared a “Domestic Terrorist” for Doing her Job

by 1389 on May 12, 2013

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If you see something, say something

If you think you still live in the United States of America, you would be wrong. You probably don’t even realize how much freedom you have lost.

Consider how remarkable it is that Bostonians actually listened to law enforcement for NO REAL REASON and remained indoors under martial law for 24 hours! No one questioned this request and most felt that it was a drastic measure undertaken to “keep them safe.” Scary that an entire city can obey like sheep!

The video below describes an experience that would be expected in a police state.

When national security expert Julia Davis informed the FBI that 23 people from Islamic terrorist countries had crossed the U.S. border with Mexico without undergoing routine checks, she was labeled a “domestic terrorist” and subjected to harassment and imprisonment. Prior to her discovery, Davis had actually read a DHS alert cautioning that members of Al Qaeda were planning to penetrate the U.S. Understandably, she was greatly alarmed that a potential terrorist attack would be perpetrated as a result.

Following her report on the breach of U.S. security, Ms. Davis’ home was raided with a Black Hawk helicopter and a 27-man SWAT team and she became the subject of 54 government investigations.

Fortunately, she was eventually exonerated but her 60 Minutes interview on the ordeal was censored.

Watch the video in which she describes her harrowing experience:

DHS Whistleblower Censored from 60 minutes #N3

Published on May 2, 2013 by NextNewsNetwork

Hashtag: #N3

What does it say about a government that persecutes those that tell the truth? We hear so much today about “anti-government,” as if that is a bad thing. I think many of us hear the phrase “anti-government” and we envision some fringe element of society lurking in the shadows.

But is “anti-government” really a proper description if those it is used against are only striving for legitimate, lawful, government? When a government acts beyond the bounds of its legal charter it ceases to be legitimate. When it acts outside the law, as we have seen recently in Fast and Furious, it is no different than any other criminal organization with one powerful exception — it maintains the color or the illusion of legitimacy. When governments allow unlawful conduct and use the power and control of government to cover-up these unlawful acts — is exposing that corruption anti-government?

Our next guest knows far too well what a government may be capable of. She was a Customs and Border Protection Officer who was falsely declared a “Domestic Terrorist” and subjected to retaliation of unprecedented proportions by the Department of Homeland Security for simply doing her job. Her home was raided with a Blackhawk helicopter and a 27-men Special Response Team, she was twice falsely arrested and imprisoned, but later exonerated and found factually innocent.

National Security Expert Julia Davis is a producer of an historical documentary that dared to expose the truth titled “Top Priority”, in spite of the government censorship and a mainstream media blackout; this is the documentary the government does not want you to see!

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1 Elaine May 13, 2013 at 12:24 am

This is ONLY the beginning!
We still have the 9/11 Million Man Muslim March coming up.
I DO WANT TO BE WRONG….I think he is going to take the opportunity, in some form, to turn our country over to the Muslims.

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