Now this is disgusting: Sexually explicit material posted in Toronto District middle school

by 1389 on May 7, 2013

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This amounts to grooming kids for sexual exploitation.

Why was a frankly pornographic poster on a classroom wall for seven months before anybody complained?

Indoctrination center ahead

But that’s not all. Other material distributed in schools under the Toronto District School Board indoctrinates kids to accept and endorse not only homosexual “marriage” but also polyamory. Rather than learning to control themselves, those inclined toward promiscuity now have an easy out. They redefine themselves as “polyamorous” and demand that everybody else ratify their lifestyle as though it were the equivalent of faithful, monogamous heterosexual marriage.

Inappropriate teaching in Toronto schools

Published on May 7, 2013 by sunnewsvideo
Faith Goldy and Brian Lilley uncover some truly shocking things being taught about sex in Toronto schools.

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1 Arius May 7, 2013 at 10:29 pm

You are documenting the symptoms of a dying civilization. It is a walking headless zombie.

2 guest May 8, 2013 at 2:37 am

The reason for the poster being up was not to ‘engage’ students in discussion of an ‘important topic’. The point was to teach children and teenagers how to rape and abuse one another, and by the poster being on the wall, without any discussion, the impression was to be transmitted to the students that the school authorities approved of this agenda and that it was completely acceptable to engage in this abuse.

3 guest May 8, 2013 at 3:19 am

I’d like to add one other issue for consideration: this inculcating children and teenagers into sexually abusing their own and others’ bodies is also a means of enforcing an unnatural population control: homosexual and lesbian sexual activities produce life-threatening AND fertility-damaging illnesses and these therefore reduce the likelihood of societal reproduction. If you think about it, you realize that only Western children are being targeted for indoctrination in these perversions (as well as ours being the only one in which murdering babies in and out of the womb is termed a ‘right.’. These are tools of racial and cultural genocide against the West by those forces who consider it essential to destroy all the foundations of Western civilization in order to produce a distorted tabula rasa on which their own plans for a new order can be built.

4 Redneck Dixie Warrior May 8, 2013 at 4:28 am

Thank you for posting this! Toronto, Ontario is the cess pool of Canada!
Not only have they had this in the school for seven months…the Toronto District School Board had a website on their website Home Page that taught kids about “Veggie-Love”…yep…how to do it with vegetables and perhaps a couple of friends! They also have changed boys and girls washrooms into co-ed ones….so that transgender kids don’t feel pressured into having to make up their minds on which washroom they should use!! Yep…and there has already been problems with that as only people with common sense could envision before hand!!

You couldn’t pay me enough to live in Ontario…’s Liberal La-la land!

Nope…it’s not a dying civilization in Canada…..It is only one Province that is! Much like California…filled with brain dead, Liberals and their sheeple! Ontario is only a part of Canada….not all of Canada!

5 Redneck Dixie Warrior May 8, 2013 at 4:59 am

Some more…. 👿

Leave those kids alone

May 7, 2013 19:05

Joe Warmington, the Scrawler, has seen a lot in his time at the Sun… but he’s never seen anything as crazy as what the TDSB is up to these days

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