Rev. Terry Jones Responds to Dearborn Lawsuit Against McDonald’s

by 1389 on May 3, 2013

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It’s nothing but a shakedown.

Islam shows its face again. And of course where would it come from, but Dearborn, Michigan?

Arabs in Dearborn, Michigan have sued McDonald’s for not serving a halal chicken sandwich. How ridiculous will it get? Islam, a religion that is not compatible with a western society. It has no intention to integrate into our free, American way of life.

The only goal Islam has is to be a bully. It does not matter if it’s a bully in the Middle East, a bully in America, and of course in Dearborn, Michigan.

Islam repeats itself again because it is the nature of Islam to be a bully. It is a historical fact that Muslims become bullies. As soon as the population grows, as in Dearborn, we have more and more of this type of activity that tries to force companies, independent companies, to do exactly what they want. If the companies refuse, then they are immediately sued.

Now McDonald’s is paying out$ 700,000, which of course we will all pay for, because two of its stores in Dearborn have been accused by Muslims of not serving a halal chicken sandwich.

How ridiculous has the world become? How ridiculous has our court system become? Why are we, as Americans, so eager to compromise, so willing to give in to the ridiculous threats and intimidating demands of Islam, which come from individuals such as, Majed Moughni?

I would suggest to all Muslims if you do not like America, if you do not like the way that we do things, you should pack your bags and go back to Iran, or Iraq, or Afghanistan, or some other God-forsaken Middle Eastern desert.

We, in America, will not tolerate such activity. We will stand up against it. We will do whatever is necessary to make sure the Islamic agenda, which is one of death and destruction, does not get a foothold in America.
Thank you,
Dr Terry Jones
Stand Up America Now

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1 guest May 3, 2013 at 3:53 am

The real issue, so often avoided by those opposing Islam, is the manner in which all aspects of Islam’s Sharia lead to Jihad which is the device by which Islam is made predominant.

Halal is a perfect example of this. Halal, with regard to consumption, can refer to both edible and non-edible products (cosmetics, for example). Most people think of it in terms of the former (halal meat, chicken, sweets {without animal gelatine}, etc).

What needs to be explained is that the profits accruing from halal in all its aspects (halal certification, employment of Moslem butchers, abbatoirs, sales) form income for Moslems and that, under Islamic law (coming from the Koran, Surah 9 Verse 60), Moslems are obligated to pay annually a tax (ZAKAT) on their incomes and that one of the uses of this Zakat, as that Koranic verse states, is “For those fighting in the Cause of Allah.” These are the Mujahideen and the Cause of Allah is JIHAD. Jihad is defined in Islamic law as “warfare to establish the religion” and Islamic law manuals detail the funding of the Mujahdieen (those who fight in the Cause of Allah) specifically in terms of the payment of Zakat.

There are other uses of Zakat as that verse also states (for the poor, the tax collectors, to free captives, as a tool of bribery, those in debt) BUT what should be emphasized is that, within Islam’s central text is the means by which warfare against non-Moslems is to be funded. This exposes the true nature of the ideology and this knowledge should be used to challenge the sale of all halal products. When you consume or use a halal product, or any halal financial service (“sharia-compliant finance”), you contribute to the income which, in part, will be applied to Zakat which, in turn, funds Jihad. And that is also the principal purpose of Islamic ‘charities’ such as the Holy Land Foundation which served as a conduit to Hamas, through Moslems supporting it with their Zakat, for Jihad (terrorism).

It couldn’t all be clearer. Halal is a multi billion dollar source of funding Jihad. The World Halal Congress declared that ‘halal will conquer the world’ because non-Moslems ‘don’t care’ about what they consume and use. The challenge to Halal should be one of the main planks of any serious counter-jihad group. This is an instance whereby using the emotional revulsion of most people to cruel slaughter of animals should be enlarged by showing people what is the real target of halal: all non-Moslems.

2 JTD June 24, 2013 at 9:10 pm

This is about as crazy as a guy like me stepping into a McDonalds and bitching about my McDouble not being prepared according to Atheist principles…
And having balls bigger than my brains to Sue them for it!

3 Rockfish April 29, 2014 at 5:16 pm

I’m disgusted at the idea of eating halal meat. And I’m offended by anyone trying to serve halal to me without my knowledge. If I knew that McDonalds was feeding us halal meat, I would NEVER eat there again. People need to know how halal meat is prepared. Maybe then they’ll open their eyes. Watching a video of a halal slaughterhouse’s methods is very disturbing!!!! Look up halal slaughterhouses on Youtube. Tell me if you would eat that meat afterwards.

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