Reburial of King Peter II ‏- Opportunity to share “Serbia: Faces and Places” with visiting dignitaries

by William Dorich on May 1, 2013

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The Reburial of King Peter II ‏- An opportunity to share “Serbia: Faces and Places” with heads of state and guests from all over the world

King Peter II as a young man

Book poster

Dear Friends:

As you probably know, at the end of May 2013, King Peter II will be reburied at Oplenac in Serbia and the event will be on par with a state funeral featuring a guest list with many of the world’s heads of state in attendance. Such an event is an important opportunity to share with the world Serbia’s rich history and natural beauty.

Additionally, you may be aware that we have written a book recently to promote Serbia and help restore her reputation. The book is called Serbia: Faces & Places and shows the best of Serbia.

Prince Aleksandar and Princess Katarina have expressed an interest in considering that Serbia: Faces & Places be given as a gift to the foreign heads of state and other guests as a way to say thank you for their attendance, to showcase Serbia and help elevate Serbia’s reputation. While this is a very desirable objective, its a very expensive proposition. Because it would be expensive to acquire 500 books and air freight them to Belgrade, in order to make this idea a reality it will be necessary to provide the book to the Royal Family for this important occasion through a sponsorship/donation effort. We will be providing 500 copies of the book at a deep discount (at a significant financial loss to us) because we see this as an important chance to put something positive about Serbia in the hands of the guests; especially so because they will be taking the book and the story about Serbia back home to their countries and to share with their countrymen.

In order to make the above possible, we ask that your donation of a minimum of $100, but hopefully more than that, be made payable to GM Books and that it be sent to:

GM Books
269 South Beverly Drive, #1054
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Please note that this donation is not tax deductible. We are trying to raise $12,500 to cover the cost of the books and the air freight. Should we fail to raise sufficient funds to make the book effort possible for the reburial of King Peter II, your donation checks will be returned to you.

With our kindest regards,

Vladeta Rajic

Table of Contents

Serbia Faces and Places

Serbia Faces and Places

Serbia Faces and Places

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