Every Silver Cloud Has Its Dark Lining

by Zenster on May 1, 2013

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If ever there was a situation that proves the old saying, “Better the devil you know than the one you don’t”, it is the so-called “Arab Spring”. Erstwhile demons like Qadaffi Duck, Carnage Assad and Hoser Mubarik will all be regarded as Boy Scouts by future generations that have since borne witness to the Ikhwan (Muslim Brotherhood) and its laundry list of shari’a-based atrocities yet to come. As new power vacuums form all across the MENA (Middle East North Africa) region, only the Ikhwan has sufficient political maturity and immunity to criticism to fill those empty halls of power.

It is barely worth noting how utterly delusional the international press and politicians are with respect to trumpeting the arrival of Democracy in the MENA region. As if a delicate hothouse flower like true Democratic governance could possibly take root, much less endure, in the sere and innutritious soil of these Islamic tyrannies. Wholly ignored are the prerequisite centuries of enlightened traditions like freedom of conscience or speech, religious choice and trial by jury that are intrinsic to the functioning of a proper Democracy.

Instead, all across the West, pundits and leaders alike unhesitatingly presume that draping these pupating Islamic cesspits with the hallowed mantle of Democracy will—in some, as yet, unexplained and hazily defined manner—miraculously transform many of the world’s most barbaric tyrannies into happy clappy Arcadian utopias. This sort of Magical Thinking™ characterizes the PCMC (Politically Correct Multi-Culturalism) of politicians and media outlets in general without regard to their partisan stripe.

If there is one thing that the Ikhwan can be counted upon, it is the installation of a shari’a compliant constitution wherever this terrorist organization seizes power. The codified imposition of shari’a law has, as one of its requirements, a mandate that all able-bodied Muslims must participate in jihad. While this presages a potential increase with regard to terrorist attacks this new resolve also implies some other rather serious consequences—not all of them detrimental to the West, as some might justifiably presume.

Many politically aware Americans will recall how, after the 9-11 atrocity, Saudi Arabia—along with George Bush and, literally, every last damn politician—pointedly assured us that the hijackers were “non-state actors”—remember that term, if you would. Long before 9-11 and thereafter, this excuse serves as the golf-plated fig leaf that every last Muslim majority nation and their apologists have hidden behind whenever the all-too-predictable nationality (or ethnic origin) of a terrorist attacker is brought before the public eye.

Those who have made even a cursory study of Islam usually make immediate note of how its entire edifice is defined by decentralization. There is no “Pope”, no Vatican and no transcendently supreme council. While this lack of hierarchy is the root cause of much sectarian strife and Muslim-on-Muslim slaughter, such niggling details mean little to those who embrace death in a way that most other human beings revere life. Without this structural form, where can Western nations—as in: civilized cultures that more often adhere to rules and regulations—seek redress when attempting to assign responsibility for those who plot and stage terrorist attacks? For decades the unanimous reply from all corners of Islam has been the diplomatic equivalent of, “Nobody here but us chickens.”

Anybody who questions whether this denial of culpability has been designed in at the ground floor and exploited whenever possible is either in abject denial about Islam or the owner of a shoe-sized IQ. It is plausible deniability and duplicity elevated to the level of an art form. Not many people understand how Western unawareness of taqiyya (i.e., religiously sanctioned deceit), plays a fundamental role in why Islam is so rarely taken to task for its incorrigible barbarity.

There are few ways of communicating the degree to which taqiyya is so deeply embedded and crucial to Islam’s success. The Islamic practice of what is colloquially known as hudna—a temporary cessation of hostilities lasting no longer than ten years which can be broken whenever it is expedient for Muslims—means that there is no concept of a lasting “truce” or any possibility of a permanently negotiated peace in the face of jihad. Global imposition of shari’a law is an imperative required by the Qur’an.

For the record, technically, there are four flavors of hudna:

• Hudna: a tactical pause intended only for rearmament

• Tahida: a temporary halt in hostile activity which can be violated at any time

• Hudaybiyyah: No fighting for 10 years: invoking after the “treaty of Hudaybiyyah” in 628 AD

• Sulch: a total cessation of hostile activity

Without any option of fraudulently terminating an ostensible armistice, the notion of sulch carries with it an explicit admission that jihad does not work or is inadequate to the task. This is such a fundamental refutation of Islamic doctrine that it would be no surprise if agreeing to sulch were regarded as blasphemous. Only the charade of taqiyya can rehabilitate any acceptable Islamic concept of sulch.

The denial of jihad is an outright rejection of Islam itself. For this reason, any prospect of resolving the Arab-Israeli conflict is essentially nil. In Muslim minds, peace with Israel can only equate to a failure of jihad. In fact, modern terrorism partly evolved from the dismal performance of Arab militaries. Israel’s persistent thrashing of Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon’s combined armed forces caused her Islamic foes to adopt a policy of limited engagement involving a “low intensity” strategy of terrorism that would not appear to be of state origin. The attacks would be plausibly deniable—those pesky “non-state actors” once again—and deliberately calibrated so that they remain just below the necessary threshold of anti-civilian violence or Geneva Convention breaches to where external intervention might otherwise be triggered.

This is the model of modern Islamic terrorism and there are many Muslims who remain displeased with Osama bin Laden—not so much for making Muslims look bad—but because he prematurely unmasked the ultimately vicious nature of jihad and what it really portends. Namely, that it is a relentless war by any means upon all unbelievers with the ultimate goal of globally imposed shari’a law. There can be no doubt that millions of Westerners are now far more aware of Islam’s true nature than before that horrific morning on September 11, 2001.

By understanding hudna in this manner, it becomes much more clear how taqiyya plays such a crucial role in maintaining Islam’s façade of benevolence. The most outrageous allegations and hypocrisies tumble from Muslim lips without a trace of embarrassment or shame on their part. This reflexive duplicity has its own price tag and the penalty is no small matter. The conjoined twin of taqiyya is “cognitive dissonance”. It is the questionable talent for simultaneously accommodating two wholly conflicting viewpoints without any psychological discomfort or tension.

In fact, Islam provides several sterling examples of cognitive dissonance. Here are two of them:

• The Holocaust never happened and Islam will finish what Hitler left undone!

• The 9-11 atrocity was a Jewish conspiracy and bin Laden is a Lion of Islam™ for blackening America’s eye.

In 1954 psychologist Leon Festinger, coined the term cognitive dissonance. Here is his personal description of it as derived from an experiment in which participants were given dissimilar rewards for performing the same task of misrepresenting how enjoyable a certain tedious chore was:

Anytime there is insufficient reward [e.g., for lying about something] there will be dissonance. The general principle seems to be that people come to believe in and to love the things they have to suffer for.

It does not require a lot of imagination to envision how much Muslims suffer for their faith. The depravity, corruption, disparity of wealth, misogyny and poverty of most Islamic countries is a matter of record. Ergo, this widespread Muslim misery—a redundant term at best—is unsurprisingly displaced by ferocious piety and devoutness of belief. When Islam’s miserable track record of contemporary industrial, scholastic and technical achievements is factored into this equation, it becomes quite apparent that the vehemence with which Muslims defend their faith is borne out of cognitive dissonance that nears obsessive-compulsive levels.

Given this, it should come as no shock that an unconfirmed reward of paradise in the afterlife nonetheless manages to supersede whatever grasp many Muslims have on life itself. Onetime Israeli Prime Minister, Golda Meir, summarized this phenomenon rather well:

We can forgive the Arabs for killing our children. We cannot forgive them for forcing us to kill their children. We will only have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us.

Two mildly contrasting examples manage to drive home the unbridgeable dichotomy of Muslim cognitive dissonance. A pair of unrelated Palestinian women embodies the thankless and self-destructive nature of Islamic jihad, if not that of Islam itself.

Mariam Farhat:

It is difficult to convey the degree of evil and genetic self-chlorination that this one person represents.

In a 2002 video that mother and son made together just before the attack [killing five yeshiva students at the Atzmona settlement], Farhat said: “I wish I had 100 boys like Mohammad. I’d sacrifice them for the sake of God.”

Known as Umm Nidal or the “Mother of Martyrs”, Farhat went on to be elected as a Hamas legislator. She finally succumbed to kidney failure earlier this year. Still, she is a lesson about how genocidal Anti-Semitism is so imbued into the Muslim mind that avoiding self-destruction, if not genealogical extinction places a distant second, at best, on their list of priorities.

Wafa al-Biri:

In 2005 this young woman was subjected to burns over almost 50% of her body after a gas cooker exploded. She arrived at Soroka Hospital with serious infections due to inadequate treatment and improperly dressed wounds. Extensive skin grafts were performed which Dr. Yuval Krieger say saved her life. Six months later, bearing an appointment slip and official permission she made a return visit for outpatient therapy at the Israeli hospital. At the Erez border-crossing al-Biri was halted by soldiers, isolated and told to disrobe.

In a demonstration of supreme ingratitude, al-Biri attempted to set off twenty pounds of explosives concealed beneath her garments. The detonator cord failed to operate correctly and a furiously disappointed al-Biri was arrested and later imprisoned for terrorism. Had she successfully penetrated the Israeli medical facility’s outpatient ward at 8:00 AM, over one hundred early morning arrivals might have fallen victim to her vicious attack. There is more to come about this phenomenal ingrate.

The degree of cognitive dissonance required to try and slaughter those who have saved your life embodies just how distorted Muslim minds are by their deceptive belief system. From such calculated deceit, one thing should be abundantly clear, taqiyya irrevocably damns Islam. No Muslim, irrespective of how genuinely sincere they might be, can possibly expect to dispel a Westerner’s justified and thoroughly warranted suspicion of betrayal. The religious sanction of and guaranteed absolution for any behavior that is haram (i.e., forbidden), so long as such conduct furthers jihad, makes it impossible to trust a Muslim, even if they declare themselves to be an apostate.

Taqiyya has allowed Muslims to convince themselves of their superiority even as Islam has lagged behind all other cultures by centuries. For an idea of just how badly retarded Islamic culture is, please listen to what one of the most influential Muslim scholars has to say about the Islamic economy. As an example, Yusuf “Beat Your Wife Lightly” Qaradawi cites a government study which found that the average Arab public servant works just 27 minutes per day. Rest assured that this is a moment of exceedingly rare candor and one that is not often repeated. However, it is slowly dawning upon some Muslim countries that their reliance upon foreign imports is nothing less than a breach of national security.

Of course, upon first recognizing this unhealthy dependency, Saudi Arabia’s initial reaction was quintessentially Muslim. Faced with international policies aimed at reducing emissions and fossil fuel consumption, Saudi Arabia had the unmitigated gall to request financial compensation should it experience a steep decline in oil-related revenues. It even had the effrontery to accuse Western nations of working against oil producers by using their climate change agenda as a pretext for scaling back consumption of non-renewable energy sources.

The notion of hyper-corrupt, freeloading, extravagant Saudi royals demanding compensation after having used their limitless oil wealth to flood the world with mosques that preach terrorist, anti-Western Wahhabist filth tests the limits of human self-restraint. Nonetheless, is it a perfect example of how Islam loves to “blame the victim.” This moral inversion is a direct result of Muslims believing their own propaganda. An insidious side effect of taqiyya is how this habitual deception renders its devotees incapable of detecting the truth save when it is glaringly obvious. Even then, the truth can be so discomfiting that it is met with simple denial. All of which provides a solid explanation for why Islam acts like a playground bully complete with the customary crippling inferiority complex.

Another fine example of Islam’s inverted self-perception can been seen in the hostage exchanges that Israel regularly endures as part of securing freedom for their captured soldiers. The aforementioned Wafa al-Biri was just one of 477 Palestinian terrorist prisoners, many with blood on their hands, who were traded for the return of Sergeant Gilad Schalit. Rest assured that the now-released al-Biri—tearfully repentant when she was captured with her concealed bomb—is safely ensconced in Gaza and braying about murdering more Jews and how, “I would be a suicide bomber three times over if I could”. Clearly, any feeling of remorse is an alien emotion for this thankless Muslim whore.

While Muslims might crow about having hoodwinked Israel into releasing almost half a thousand Palestinian terrorists for a single IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) soldier, by their own admission the value of one Muslim is but a tiny fraction compared to the worth of an infidel. And so, Islam feeds its own inferiority complex even as it brags about the dubious ability to cheat those who would play fair.

This mental self-deception permeates Islamic life in the same way as shari’a law. Both are totally poisonous and harm Muslims far more grievously than their feeble attempts to gore the West’s ox. Unable to prevail militarily or through technical achievement, Islam relies upon its ultra-violence to both cow and psychologically neutralize—as in: “We don’t want to stoop to their level”—any potential opposition. This, in combination with its historic pretense of being “The Religion of Peace” [spit], has allowed Islam to flourish—within its own limits—and escape a large portion of the resistance it would otherwise reasonably encounter.

In a final irony, the entire Arab Spring may yet prove to be one of the biggest disasters ever visited upon Muslims. Life under the Ikhwan’s vision of fundamentalist shari’a law will prove as onerous and unforgiving as ever. However, the shari’a compliant constitutions that will be put in place have another rather dire implication. All Muslims living in countries that have shari’a constitutions will automatically qualify as jihadists, by their own laws. There will be no more excuses for these mindless puppets about being “non-state actors”. Which brings to mind another old saying:

Be very careful about what you want because some day you may get it.

The Arab Spring countries with their beloved Ikhwan leadership, knowingly or not, are setting their heads into a collective noose of their own manufacture. This is the dark lining of their silver cloud and all that awaits is the arrival of a Western leader with sufficient mettle to hold these newfound terrorist nations directly accountable for any future acts of war. No longer will these lying Muslim bastards be able to conveniently shrug off their jihadist atrocities as crimes committed by “non-state actors”. Clearly, the MENA region may well end up learning the hard way about casus belli.

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1 Pappadave May 3, 2013 at 4:46 pm

How ANYONE with a functioning brain cell or two can believe that “democracy” is EVER going to work when one “party” is perfectly willing to kill anyone who speaks against them is, and will always remain, a complete mystery.

2 Jim Campbell May 3, 2013 at 5:16 pm

Thanks my friend, you put a great deal of work into this piece. Here’s is my spin enjoy. thanks for sending it over to We the People.

3 Pavle Radovancevic May 4, 2013 at 12:12 pm

this is good stuff!

4 Zenster May 4, 2013 at 2:59 pm

Thank you, everyone, for the positive comments.

Pappadave, you are absolutely right. The fact that mass media and politicians alike studiously ignore your well-made point paints them all as drooling idiots of the first water.

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