Media Belatedly Mentions that Gunman Who Opened Fire in a Church on Easter Left Behind a Koran

by Gramfan on April 25, 2013

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The redoubtable Daniel Greenfield has the story:

Let’s lay out a hypothetical scenario. An American walks into a mosque during Ramadan, opens fire while quoting Bible passages and then leaves behind a Bible.

Greenfield is asking you to stretch your imagination a little; unlike the Qur’an, the Bible provides no basis for committing such attacks.

On a scale of 1 to non-stop coverage, how often do you think you would be hearing about it, how fast would religious motives be attached to it and how quickly would we learn that the bible was left behind?

But the same rules don’t apply to Islam. Muslims are designated victims. And they may act like oppressors, but that just means the story gets buried. So only now do we learn that a Muslim who opened fire in a church on Easter left behind a small present.

Police found Reshad Riddle inside the church, standing at the podium. “He had the gun in the air,” Janek said. “He had several knives on him … we later discovered the Koran on the podium.”

The second witness, Patrolman Thomas Clemens, said he was called to the church Easter Sunday for “a subject in the church waving a handgun.”

Upon arrival, he saw several people running from the church and several people crawling out the narrow windows.

“I pulled two children out of a window,” he said.

“He admitted he used a Smith and Wesson .38 Special,” Clemens said. “He referred to the Koran and Allah, quoting passages.”

Upon cross-examination, Humpolick pushed for more details on Riddle’s statements.

Clemens said he wasn’t familiar with the Koran, but remembered Riddle had said he had “served his purpose.”

The media has done its best to bury the story. Plenty of headlines read, “Man Yells About God After Church Shooting” which gives a completely false picture of events.

Reshad Riddle did not yell about God. He yelled about Allah…

Some observations

This church attack took place on western Christian Easter. Since then, the Boston Marathon bombing has made it somewhat more difficult for the mainstream media to go on pretending that Islam is not a motive for murderous attacks. But if we don’t hold the MSM’s feet to the fire by exposing the Islamic factor in news stories wherever it exists, they’ll soon go back to business as usual.

Any Muslim, whether convert or not, can exhibit “sudden jihad syndrome” at any time.

Muhammad Bombhead smiley
There is no way to know
whether a Muslim will commit an act of terrorism
until he does.

American-born converts to Islam are inherently subversive and are particularly dangerous.

Conversion to Islam should be considered equivalent to renouncing US citizenship.

Islam is not a religion in the sense that we in the west understand a religion to be. But rather, Islam is an expansionist, enemy totalitarian political ideology that seeks to rid the world of everything but itself. To afford Islam the protection of the First Amendment on the basis of its being a religion is a deadly misinterpretation that our Founders would never have countenanced. Indeed, our Founders stood up to the Barbary Pirates, who insisted that their Islamic “faith” entitled them to enslave non-Muslims.

It’s time to repatriate every Muslim on US soil to his or her ancestral lands.

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1 HorseTeethSam April 25, 2013 at 10:23 am

Islam is not just a religion. It is a political and military system which demands total control of every nation on earth. Muslims are NOT our friends.

2 EBL April 25, 2013 at 11:15 am

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