Are you a sheriff or a peace officer? Learn about the Constitution you swore to uphold

by 1389 on April 25, 2013

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Yes, these videos add up to over two hours. But you swore to uphold the Constitution of the US and of your State. Do you truly understand what it is you swore to uphold?

Constitution for Peace Officers by Sheriff Richard Mack Part 1 on 01-14-12:

Published on Jan 20, 2013 by johnperna2

This is part 1 of 2 parts of a full day seminar. The Constitution for Peace Officers was presented by Sheriff Richard Mack in Lexington County, SC on 01/14/12. Sheriff James Metz; the Sheriff of Lexington County, SC attended this seminar. Sheriff Richard Mack, Sheriff James Metz, & myself (John Perna) & other committee members, went to dinner after this seminar. At that meeting Sheriff James Metz promised that he would protect the Bill of Rights in Lexington County, SC. Now the time has come when that promise is added to the oath to support and defend the constitution, which every Sheriff swears. Please share this with every Sheriff across the Country.

Part 2:

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