U.K. Luton jihadis jailed in Territorial Army base bomb plot involving toy car

by 1389 on April 22, 2013

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I’m amazed the dumb ass English cops have any time left over, with all the harassment of Tommy Robinson.
Four men who talked about blowing up a Territorial Army Centre in Luton have been jailed after a trial at Woolwich Crown Court.

Zahid Iqbal, Mohammed Sharfaraz Ahmed, Umar Arshad and Syed Farhan Hussain, all from the town, admitted discussing a possible attack on the base.

The men were arrested after a series of anti-terrorism raids in Luton, Bedfordshire, last year.

That innocent-looking radio-controlled toy might be carrying a BOMB

Tiny smiley driving red car

The perps had been discussing the use of a bomb-carrying remote-controlled toy car. Toy boats, aircraft, and land vehicles can all be made into homemade drones for approaching various types of targets. Jihadis learn to rig them as bomb-carrying devices from online sources, including terrorist videos and al-Qaeda’s Inspire magazine.

Of course, the overwhelming majority of RC toys are completely innocent; you may own some of them yourselves.

From a PSA we ran in 2007:

  • Do not turn on the remote controller for any of your own radio-controlled toys in a public place. This is especially important in and around airports, train stations, buses, and other transportation facilities. You don’t want to affect anything else that might be using the same frequency.
  • If you notice anything that looks like a radio-controlled toy left unattended outdoors or in a public place – use caution. Radio-controlled toys are fairly expensive and people normally don’t abandon them. Ask around to see if anybody knows whose it is and how it got there. If there isn’t a good reason for it being there, consider it a suspicious object and call the local authorities to check it out. Don’t just absent-mindedly touch it or push it aside. Take care not to step on it or run over it with your vehicle!
  • If you see something, say something! Keep your eyes open for any type of terrorist-training or jihadist-recruitment videos when you’re exploring YouTube or other Internet video hosting services. Notify the video hosting service and the appropriate authorities.

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