The politically-correct, multicultural pecking order exposed

by Gramfan on April 22, 2013

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Politically-correct multiculturalism: Libtards support Muslims

In the US, “Republican” is often a code word used for heaping hatred and contempt upon observant Christians. In Canada, much the same takes place under different labels:

Blazing Cat Fur: In today’s politically correct pecking order, gays trump Christians and Muslims trump gays

“Isn’t commanding a Catholic school to let same-sex couples go to the prom sort of like ordering a Jewish school to serve pork in the cafeteria? This question was answered with a sledgehammer last June in Ontario, when that province passed the Accepting Schools Act.

So now the Archbishop of Toronto oversees a Catholic school system that, to quote the law, must be “more equitable and inclusive for all people, including LGBTTIQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, two-spirited, intersex, queer and questioning) people.”

But what about Muslim schools?

Will they be asked to put the Qur’an second and “transgender acceptance” first?

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1 Stanley April 22, 2013 at 12:07 pm

Editor’s note: Trolls, trolls and more trolls. We just don’t post most of the garbage that people try to post but we answer are few in italics within their posts.
CzechRebel Blog Admin

You’re argument would hold water if for one thing…

Yes, our arguments do. By the points you try to raise, you probably think a wicker basket holds water and a glass cannot.

My tax money pays for Catholic School Board.

Gee, if tax money goes to the “Catholic” schools, they are actually public schools that throw in a little religious or religious-esque studies. The guy who calls the fiddler is the guy who calls the tunes. A school that receives money is therefore a government school. So, don’t try to tell us that you have anything in the way of insight.

A private Muslim School love it or hate isn’t under the same rules.

Muslim schools teach children to hate Christians, Jews and people of other faiths. Islam is not so much a religion, as it is a cover for jihad and world conquest. If Canada, or any other non-Muslim country, allows them to exist, that country is planting the seeds of its own destruction.

Toronto specifically has 100s of private schools that don’t fall under Accepting School Act.

So what? How is that remotely related to this article?

Again Jewish schools aren’t paid for by my taxes so a same sex couple going to prom isn’t sort of like ordering A Jewish school to serve pork in the cafeteria.

There you go again, mixing your metaphors. Funding is NOT the issue for the sentence in question. Sensitivity is. Most people with a room-temperature IQ or higher know that most Jews would be offended if a Jewish institution was forced to serve un-kosher food. Catholic institutions would find being forced to promote highly un-Christian behavior, such as homosexuality, equally distasteful. (So, would many other types of Christians).

You want Catholic schools to be able to act on their own beliefs, no problem.

Well, it depends on what beliefs you are referring to. Some Roman Catholic beliefs have caused serious problems for several Roman Catholic countries where Roman Catholic beliefs determined civil law. Fortunately, the damage that such belief-driven laws have caused has been reversed.

I’ve been paying taxes since I was 16 years olds..when I and the rest of Ontario gets their retro cheques in the mail, Catholics schools and their parents, teachers and students can do anything they want.

So, until ya’ll get your retro-cheques those Roman Catholics better do what you want? That seems like what you are trying to say in the above sentence.

Finally the next time you make an appointment to pop into a Muslim school here in Ontario, make sure to ask the senior director of that school what their take is on transgender acceptance. You might actually be surprised at the answer.

We know you did not bother to read our comment policy. However, you really have not bother to read much else on this blog. We know perfectly well where Muslims stand on a variety of issues. This blog has existed for six years now. Most of our writers have been covering Islamic issues for even longer.

2 Stanley April 22, 2013 at 12:56 pm

In response
I actually didn’t troll on here. There was a link from a poster that brought me here. If visiting a site and commenting on a article is trolling you should probably disable commenting.

Anyhow I guess I was trying to give some answers to your previous comments under the Peanut comic.

This comment “Gee, if tax money goes to the “Catholic” schools, they are actually public schools that through in a little religious or religious-eque studies.” tells me you have no idea about the Toronto Catholic District School Board here in Toronto, Ontario If you did you realize I wasn’t trying to mock you, I was telling you the truth. Our Catholic schools are paid for by everyone just like the Public school system. Right or wrong that is what it is here in Ontario. Hate the powers that be not the truth.

I hate giving Wikipedia as a link but this gives you a good understand of the Public/Separate School boards we have specifically for Ontario

Anyhow, I at least appreciate that you wrote back, but I don’t think anything I wrote was without facts backing it up. Specifically and only towards this one article that you and or author wrote.

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