Cartoon: Plane labeled 'US Economy' crashing, Captain Obama speaking: 'Let's talk about gay marriage'
[Source: NetRightDaily]

Divorce lawyers for gay marriage
Cui bono?…Just askin’…

Obama: 'New theories suggest that dinosaurs became extinct from sequestration' Spectator: 'He's still pushing that?'
You mean it wasn’t from drinking too many Big Gulp sodas?

Colorado/Wyoming state line store: Cannabis on one side, Magpul on the other

Amnesty: Get ready for 11 million new Democrats
Wonder how many are already voting illegally.

Remember when the UN protected Americans? Neither do I.

Bob Hope: The only thing chicken about Israel is their soup.

Navy Seals didn't kill Osama bin Laden. Guns did - said nobody ever. So don't blame guns for the actions of stupid people.

East v. West

Reporter: The basket missed Obama's shots
The basket must be raaaaacist!

Protest signs

Obama, abortion, and gun control 'for the children'

Back when I studied the Holocaust in high school, I remember thinking, 'How did Hitler get over 6 million people to follow along blindly and not fight back?' ... Then I realized, I'm watching my fellow Americans take the same path

Kim Jong Un: 'I will destroy America!' Obama: 'Too late!'

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