Shrapnel bombs used in Boston 2013; shrapnel-loaded cluster bombs dropped on Serb civilians in 1999

by William Dorich on April 21, 2013

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Shrapnel was used on Marathon Runners in Boston in April 2013; Shrapnel loaded cluster bombs were dropped on thousands of Serbian civilians in April 1999

By Wm. Dorich, April 19, 2013

The New York Times chilling front-page headline read: “Boston Bombs Were Loaded to Maim, Officials Say.” The story reported that nails and ball bearings were stuffed into pressure cookers, “Rigged to shoot sharp bits of shrapnel into anyone within reach of their blast.”

Much less crude but weighing about 1,000 pounds each, CBU-87/B warheads was used 14 years ago on Serbia’s people. In this writer’s opinion, those cluster bombs were used by a terrorist called, Gen. Wesley Clark. His shrapnel bombs were unloaded on the city of Nis, in the vicinity of a farmer’s market. According to the San Francisco Chronicle on May 8, 1999, “The bombs struck next to the hospital complex and near the market, bringing death and destruction, peppering the streets of Serbia’s third-largest city with shrapnel.” BBC correspondent John Simpson wrote in the Sunday Telegraph: “Used against human beings, cluster bombs are some of the most savage weapons of modern warfare.”

Savagery did not stop their usage by Commander-in-Chief Bill Clinton with a total disregard that Serbians were American allies in two World Wars and never attacked another country. Each cluster bomb Clinton and Clark dropped had more than 60,000 jagged pieces of steel shrapnel. The weapon’s maker describes their death product as “useful for soft targets,” in other words, human flesh?

In an article quoted in the LA Times Dr. Grbic, a surgeon at Pristina’s main hospital in Kosovo said: “I have been an orthopedist for 15 years now, working in a crisis region where we often have injuries, but neither I nor my colleagues have ever seen such horrific wounds as those caused by cluster bombs.” He added: “They are wounds that lead to disabilities to a great extent. The limbs are so crushed that the only remaining option is amputation. It’s awful, awful.”

Today, the U.S. State Department remains opposed to outlawing Cluster Munitions.“Their elimination from U.S. stockpiles would put the lives of its soldiers and those of its coalition partners at risk.” The State Department position statement adds:”Moreover, cluster munitions can often result in much less collateral damage than unitary weapons, such as a larger bomb or larger artillery shell would cause, if used for the same mission.” Perhaps the Muslim terrorists who stuffed nails and ball bearings into pressure cookers for use against marathon runners in Boston this week have the same warped minds.

The late Col. David Hackworth, a personal friend, was the highest decorated American soldier in our nation’s history. In one of my interviews with the Col. he called Wesley Clark a “Perfumed Prince” and criticized him and these so called NATO experts for being “out-smarted by the Serbs whose pilots managed to bring down the multi-billion dollar Stealth Bomber, the most expensive and most advanced aircraft in history, used for the first time in war, while claiming it was ‘invisible’ to radar.” In the days that followed Serbs carried signs that read: “Sorry we didn’t know it was invisible.”

When the war ended it was discovered that the Serbs built decoy aircraft out of balsa wood outsmarting Clark into using multi-million dollar bombs to blow up wooden boxes as he shot at Serbs like fish in a barrel from 30,000 feet. The Serbs also figured out a way to use microwave ovens with the doors open that attracted Clark’s ‘heat-seeking’ weapons, again forcing this American general to spend tens of millions of dollars to blow up $40 microwave ovens. When the war ended, the “Perfumed Prince” made claims of “destroying the Serbian army” as the Serbs again embarrassed the general by parading out of their hiding places in Kosovo with over 350 tanks that were barely scratched.

My contempt is therefore reserved for Gen. Wesley Clark, who withheld the maps for ten years of where he dropped cluster bombs on Serbian territory. In that ten-year period, dozens of Serbs, mostly children, were killed or lost limbs due to these unexploded cluster bombs as this immoral American general continued to terrorize the Serbian people to serve his political ambition as he arrogantly ran for the U.S. presidency.

As the Turks say: “A fish rots from the head down.”

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