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Strangulation by Legislation

Neither do we lose our lives solely at the hands of predatory Chinese interests. The tentacles of intrusive Liberal legislation at home snake into our daily lives with equally perilous effects. Affirmative Action and disparate impact laws have helped to create a lowest common denominator job market in both the government and private sectors. In yet another attempt to artificially create equality of outcome the EEOC determined that criminal background checks constitute discrimination against blacks. That this adverse impact is due to how Black males have an incarceration rate that is over six times that of White males matters not at all to these budding social engineers. This statistic is not gender dependent either; for Black females the incarceration rate is 2 or 3 times that of White females. Clearly, whether it is dropping out of high school or being convicted of crimes, Blacks and other minorities must be legally protected from the consequences of their voluntary actions.

The entire premise of Affirmative Action is that Blacks and other races are involuntarily subjected to discrimination, institutionalized or otherwise. How then is the EEOC justified in penalizing a business entity for basing its hiring decisions on the consequences of voluntary behavior? Someone might commit misdemeanor theft of food to feed their hungry family but no one is ever forced to commit felony rape or premeditated murder of another human being. Anyone who has ever filled out a job application knows that its inquiry into a person’s legal record is limited strictly to felony convictions. How then to explain the fact that TSA forced Richmond International Airport to issue a security badge to a convicted felon who lied on their job application but was retained anyway? In 2011, TSA fired over 1,200 passenger security screeners when background checks disclosed prior felony convictions. Yet, air travelers are forced to rely for their security upon a government agency that cannot even adequately prescreen its own employees.

When it comes to a lowest common denominator job market, cash registers without numbers—that have small product icons on the keys instead—are just the beginning. In his essay, “The Art of Strategic Citizenship” Conservative blogger, Takuan Seiyo, cites an piece by Lawrence Auster that centers on how ineffectual TSA airport security teams are and the way that needlessly intrusive searches being conducted by them amount to nothing less than an invasion of personal privacy.

Here’s another question. Why is it that the world’s foremost terrorist target, Israel’s El Al Airlines, experiences the fewest number of successful attacks? Aside from vigilant physical security—even check-in counters can have armed guards—they also use a highly sophisticated program of passenger profiling. A minimum 100 IQ is required to adequately profile prospective travelers. Forming up an airport security team of competent profilers would exclude almost all minorities and cause shrieks of “racism” to echo for miles. Instead—in the name of artificial “equality” and Affirmative Action—we are flown into skyscrapers, plowed into the ground and gunned down by terrorists as our government continues to expand both the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) and TSA (Transportation Security Administration). This is the true face of “social justice”. It involves sacrificing a majority on the altar of minority interests just as it always has been throughout the history of Socialism and all of its Communist variants. The only difference being that America’s neo-Socialist government forfeits constitutional rights of the majority for the benefit of racial minorities while traditional Communism deprives its majority to endow an oligarchic elite with lives of luxury.

With FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) being folded into DHS, the federal government’s ability to control our lives has only multiplied further and the political status quo is just that much more entrenched. The recent ammunition purchases by DHS and their ownership of MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) vehicles all point towards an increasingly nervous government that no longer trusts is own citizens. No great leap of faith is needed to imagine a purposefully crashed economy wherein an unprecedented number of people are forced to rely upon government employment or social benefits for their daily survival. As an example, during the first term of Obama’s administration, welfare spending increased by 32 percent. As a measure of just how badly this country’s economy has stalled—even though America never ratified the Kyoto Protocols—it is the only major industrialized nation to meet the called for reduction in greenhouse gas emissions to 1997 levels. The bulk of this achievement was not due to conservation efforts but caused by reduced operation of coal fired power generation, lower consumption of transportation fuels and mild weather.

Into the Debt Meat Grinder

In retrospect, the overall intent of McDonald’s and WalMart is the same. They drive down entry level wages and pay-scales in general while demanding ever increasing job skills from that same inadequately compensated work force. The actions of McDonald’s can only serve to devalue the worth of higher education even as many college seniors now graduate with a staggering burden of student loan debt. To gain some perspective about this issue, at almost $900 billion, student loan debt now surpasses both that of automobile loans ($730 billion) and, even, credit cards ($693 billion). This is no small matter. One third of student loan debt is held by people in their thirties, showing that only a small fraction of college graduates manage to retire this sum while still in their twenties. Furthermore, over five million of these borrowers have a total of $85 billion in student loan debt that is “past due” and more than half of all student loans are in deferral or delinquent.

The ripple effect spreading from this one statistic is of tsunami-like proportions. For one thing, student loan debt is not voided by bankruptcy. Two thirds of 2011 graduating college seniors carried an average of $26,000 in loan debt. It is a crushing financial burden that causes young people to delay many important lifetime milestones like buying new cars, purchasing a home or having children. This impacts automakers, the construction industry and the opening of new schools. Less discretionary income also reduces the purchase of durable goods and other products, all of which further stalls any possibility for America’s economic recovery.

(Shades above the color green [2-3 children] represent adequate replacement rates)

The delay with respect to having children alone represents a serious issue both in terms of replacement population and any ability of existing society, as a whole, to reconstitute the colossal prospective debt imposed by Obamacare, much less account for any preexisting debt of entitlements like the New Deal’s Social Security program or Medicaid. That modern corporatism—and its yapping lapdog of the Main-Stream Media (MSM)—promotes both over-consuming and conspicuous consumption even as it kicks out the underpinnings of earning power linked to higher education represents a calculated, brutal assault upon middle class workers in general and an attack against the White middle class in particular. These economic constraints amount to a financial prohibition upon childbearing (more on this later) that, in turn, supposedly justifies unchecked Third World immigration even as such an unbridled influx of aliens causes toxic levels of demographic displacement for middle class America. Confirming this is the fact that some economists now regard the student loan crisis as another potential “subprime” bubble waiting to burst.

In the midst of this, companies like WalMart are not only driving American manufacturing jobs overseas with their insistence upon impossibly low wholesale prices, they are normalizing—in the eyes of American consumers—the lower quality standards of foreign produced goods, they are also killing American industry, driving down domestic prices (and pay), even while stifling innovation by reducing profitability (along with reinvestment) and making manufacturers dependent upon producing only the goods that WalMart buys. This is a closed-loop economic cycle that reduces quality of life for all but a very few and constantly shrinks economic opportunity at home. Such lowered income levels diminish pay-ins to benefit programs like Social Security even as this aging nation requires a growing and better-paid workforce to finance their increasingly expensive retirement. Unsustainable does not even begin to describe such a dysfunctional economic model. Also, contrary to what much of the financial and political elite seem to think, sheer numbers of minimum wage earners attending to a service economy cannot substitute for what was once a thriving industrial nation of yore. Bulk labor does not and never will replace manufacturing innovation. As one waggish economist put it, “A healthy national economy cannot be based upon giving each other haircuts.”

The Unholy Alliance

An old dictum advises to: Never attribute to conspiracy that which can be explained by stupidity. While not altogether brainless, there is a modern day convergence of agendas that was, by comparison, previously unthinkable. For almost a century, academia has largely been opposed to business and its necessarily pragmatic attitudes. An overly idealistic, ivory tower mentality pervaded higher education—and still does today—that looked down upon the shirtsleeve environment of production and commerce. The extensive and almost terminal infection of public education by Cultural Marxism has changed all of this. A set of shared attitudes permeates the triumvirate of America’s political, financial and academic leadership. Predominant among them are:

· A sense of indispensability
· That ends justify the means
· Elite rule by one-world government
· An adamant refusal to undergo scrutiny

PCMC (Politically Correct Multi-Culturalism) permeates all three fundamental branches of America’s socioeconomic structure—perhaps less so among the financial elite but still to a sufficient extent—whereby the central tenets of globalism and transnationalism are energetically upheld. Any need for conspiracy is obviated by this once unthinkable convergence of agendas. This obscene conjunction is a cultural triple witching hour.

It is difficult to accurately describe the degree of cannibalistic conduct implicated by how corporatism simultaneously demands a college degree even as it actively devalues the worth of one. Academia is unruffled by this abject hypocrisy as their vital function remains securely in place, if not even more so due to its new unholy alliance with the political and financial elite. What’s more, society as a whole has largely surrendered to these scheming educators its own responsibility for implanting moral and ethical values in youth.

The upshot of this is that academia has been endowed with a de facto role as reproductive gatekeepers. Through their control of a student’s GPA and school transcript these teachers effectively determine an individual’s chances of experiencing the career and financial success necessary to marry and support children. It is not just a matter of ideological programming—such as marking a student’s record for physically defending himself against bullies—this goes right down to the genetic level. Those who express dissenting ideas are being forced out of the gene pool. That successful pupils graduate in lockstep from colleges and universities preprogrammed with a mindset that dovetails precisely into the elite’s globalist, transnationalist agenda only increases how fast Cultural Marxism expands its influence and role in advancing one-world government.

Intentional or not, the unity of goals and purposes shared by this trinary coalition almost precludes any need for conspiracy. Sufficient collusion is obtained through CEO cronyism, insider networking, lobbyist influence and boards of regents stacked with wealthy executives to where closed doors alone provide enough cloaking for what once would have been the darkest of star chamber conspiracies. Shielded by armored limousines, gated communities with private security and Secret Service protection few, if any, of these high level decision-makers ever have to suffer the tangible consequences of their choices or policies.

Distracted by reality television shows, organized sports, tedious commutes, inane celebrity scandals, job insecurity and looming debt, few in the working middle class have enough spare bandwidth to detect how thoroughly manufactured much of this “crisis” actually is. As one-time White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, noted in a moment of unintended candor, “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” How much more valuable is that “crisis” when it has been orchestrated with meticulous care? Crushing the middle class—a voting bloc that, through its level of education, poses the greatest threat to business-as-usual partisan politics—suits the schema of too many factions (however disparate or divergent they may be), for it not to proceed apace.

Liberals gain a much-sought-after upper hand against one of the most consistent and unwaveringly Conservative groups. Witness how mass media both ridicules and demonizes the Tea Party. Republicans maintain ideological control over their largest electoral base despite the GOP’s abject betrayal of authentic Conservatism. Big Business continues to receive massive infusions of capital, be it through stock purchases by pension mutual funds and private investors or government bailouts. All this, while academia surfs the crest of this surge in national instability, pausing only to further hone their dogma or sink its hooks deeper into the defenseless gray matter of American youth.

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