Dr Terry Jones to speak at an open meeting in Greenville, SC – time, location TBA

by 1389 on April 9, 2013

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Rev. Terry Jones
Rev. Terry Jones


This event has actually been postponed as the venue [Chief’s Wings & Firewater, 723 Congaree Road, Greenville SC 29607] backed out after it received complaints. We will send out another PR when it is rescheduled.

Host: Dean Allen, President of Spirit of Liberty, Inc.

Dean is a Vietnam Veteran very concerned about the threats to our national security. He is thankful that Dr Terry Jones is willing to risk his own life to travel around the country and speak the truth.

Stand Up America Now will be in Greenville, South Carolina with Spirit of Liberty. We will be addressing the grave condition that America is in, the direction it is going, and the necessity to change, to alter, that direction. The greatest threat to our national security is Islam, radical Islam.

A free nation is based upon freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of the press and critical thinking. That is why Islam is not compatible with Western society and Western thinking, because Islam does not tolerate any criticism of its so called “Prophet,” the Koran or Sharia.

The continued erosion of our Constitutional rights, our First Amendment rights and Second Amendment rights are vital issues. The Second Amendment says, “A well regulated militia is necessary for the security of a free society.” These issues not only need to be addressed. We need to be willing to stand up, fight, resist, march, and hit the streets to protect these rights. They are the very essence of our free society.

Thank you

Dr Terry Jones

Stand Up America Now

Website: www.standupamericanow.org
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