Demonstration for freedom of religion at Ontario NDP office, Saturday April 6th 2013 12 noon

by 1389 on March 31, 2013

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We will need to send a strong message to the NDP

To everyone.

As you may already know, the leader of the NDP, Thomas Mulcair, has bluntly called all Evangelical Christians “Un-Canadian” and is accusing us of going “completely against” Canadian values and law with their beliefs about homosexuality.

Mr. Muclair has not only challenged the teachings of our Church and our God by accusing us all of breaking the law in Canada, because we regard homosexuality a sin, according to our religious beliefs and convictions, but as well, has publicly accused us all of being “Un-Canadian”.

These remarks are not only hostile to our Christian way of life, they promote a hatred toward the community of Christians who follow God’s word, His teaching’s and His commandments.

Jesus has taught us, “For whoever is ashamed of me and my words in this adulteress and sinful generation, of him the son of Man also will be ashamed when He comes in the glory of His Father with the holy angels.”

It is not a question of whether we are right or wrong for believing that homosexuality is a sin. Rather, it is a question of whether we have the right to believe it according to our religious convictions, according to our Christian faith, according to our God. I say yes we do have this right and I hope you will agree.

It is therefore that I ask all of you to stand with me and attend a peaceful demonstration at the Ontario NDP head office on Saturday April 6th 2013 12 noon.

I have been receiving emails and many phone calls thanking me for organizing this demonstration. While these emails and phone calls have been wonderful and I really do appreciate them very much, it is so much more important for us that many show up at this demonstration. We will need to send a strong message to the NDP that we follow the teachings of God and that we are not ashamed of that. Nor is it against the law to follow these teachings.  We need to make it clear to “all Canadians” that we Christians will not allow anyone to take away our freedom of speech nor our religious freedom’s and convictions.

And finally, we need to send a message to the NDP, and specifically to Tomas Mulcair, that we Christians break no laws in Canada because our God, the God of Israel teaches us that He regards homosexuality an abomination and a sin. Mr Mulcair has no right in telling others that we Christians are un-Canadian because of our religious convictions and he should be ashamed of himself for saying so.

The Ontario NDP head office is located at 101 Richmond Street, East, in down town Toronto. The demonstration will be held on April 6 2013 12 noon.

I hope that you will join us and stand up for the Christian faith in Canada.

Mark Harding

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