#Caturday: Inmates in Rostov region used cat as drug courier

by 1389 on March 30, 2013

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Prison cat

ROSTOV-ON-DON. Aug 7, 2012 (Interfax) – A criminal investigation is underway in the Rostov region into a scheme devised to supply inmates at a correctional facility in the town of Shakhty with illegal drugs.

“The scheme worked this way: an inmate released from prison would leave accompanied by a black cat hidden in a bag. He would then hand the cat over to accessories waiting for him in a car. The accomplices would stuff heroin into the cat‘s collar and set the animal free. The cat would quietly return to the prison on its own,” the regional drug control service reported on Tuesday.

Regular and drug police caught the accessories in the act of filling the cat’s collar with drugs.

Police grew suspicious when they noticed the same black cat repeatedly visiting the prison grounds, News61.ru reported. According to prison workers, the cat stopped showing its face around after the drug bust.

Wonder where he went. Kitty breaking bad?

Apparently, this activity is not unique:

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