Aceh, Indonesia: Head of Shari’a Police Tests Positive for Drug Use After Car Accident

by 1389 on March 19, 2013

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Here we thought shari’a law forbade intoxicants.

Aceh, Indonesia

Jakarta Globe has the story:

The head of the Lhokseumawe Public Order Agency (Satpol PP) and Shariah Police in Aceh has tested positive for marijuana use after slamming his car into a tree and a house on Sunday night, police said.

Shariah Police officer Zulkarnain lost control of his car after leaving his office in Simpang Asmi, Kutablang village on Sunday. Another officer came to investigate the accident, where he discovered hashish inside Zulkarnain’s car.

“His urine test shows that he was consuming drugs,” head of the Lhokseumawe police narcotics division, First. Insp. Poeloeng Arsa, told on Monday.

Zulkarnain was not arrested after the officer found the illegal substance because injuries he sustained during the accident required immediate treatment. He was admitted to the Kasih Ibu Hospital, where he received 20 stitches for a wound on his lips.

Poeloeng told that Zulkarnain will be questioned by police after he recovers from his injuries.

Zulkarnain, who has been the head of the Shariah Police since December 2012, denied the allegation that he was under the influence of marijuana before the accident. He said that he lost control of his car when one of his front tires blew.

“If there was marijuana, I would have been arrested,” he told a reporter from “If you write there was marijuana [in my car], we’ll see what will you be, human or ashes.”

Lhokseumawe administration secretary Dasni Yuzar said that if Zulkarnain is found guilty of drug use, the government would discipline him appropriately.

“Whoever the [Lhokseumawe government] employee is, if the person is convicted, we’ll enact strict sanctions according to disciplinary regulations,” Dasni said. “We won’t be selective [in handing down sanctions].”

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