China’s one-child policy ending?

by 1389 on March 18, 2013

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Interested-Participant: China: One-Child Policy Phase-Out

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(Beijing, China) After 40 years with a one-child policy, Chinese leaders have discovered a serious consequence.

More than half a billion birth control procedures, including at least 336 million abortions, have been performed in the name of the one-child policy, China’s Health ministry revealed yesterday.

[Note: Sadly, simple arithmetic indicates 1,500 abortions have been performed in China every hour of every day for four decades.]

Official statistics showed that in addition to the terminations, Chinese doctors have sterilised 196 million men and women since 1971.

As a result of the family planning policy, Chinese demographics have been skewed and the working age population is decreasing. A smaller workforce is considered a serious threat to the Chinese economy. Therefore, the Chinese National Population and Family Planning Commission has been dissolved.

Update: Chinese official denies that the law is being rescinded

See: China: One-child policy is here to stay

China is already a superpower in everything but name

I am pleased to see that there is finaly some serious discussion of allowing the freedom to reproduce. Perhaps this has something to do with the rapid, although unofficial, growth of Christianity in China. There is no accurate head count of Christians in China, but Christianity is growing so rapidly that there may soon be more practicing Christians in China than there are in the US.

There is strong evidence that the world population count is leveling off and will soon decline. Rapid population decline on account of too few births makes for a demographic crash, and when it applies to our own species, it’s always a bad thing. Those panic-peddlers who continue to claim that we are facing world overpopulation are motivated by misanthropy.

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great news for who, moron?

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They already count themselves in the billions, while white americans and europeans die out, their countries overwhelmed with muslim immigration.

There are roughly 1.3 billion Chinese. They would be facing the same fate as white Americans and Europeans if they were to continue with the forced abortion policy. I heartily agree with you that Muslim immigration is wrong and must be rolled back.

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