Srebrenica: Busted!

by J P Maher on February 22, 2013

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It has been evident for some time that a concise exposition of basic facts about Srebrenica would be useful. Over a decade and a half after the event Srebrenica continues to be engulfed in heavy fog or, to put it in contemporary language, disinformation. Following the Leninist Agitprop model, messages about Srebrenica can be divided in two categories. The first consists of “agitation”, which means a simplistic story line for the broad masses, not overly concerned with facts and arguments, and certainly not encouraging critical analysis. It is based on the repetition of emotional platitudes such as “genocide” and “eight thousand executed men and boys”. The second category projects a propaganda line geared to a more select and influential public. It is based on the pseudo-history of the Yugoslav conflict promoted by the Hague Tribunal and the political apparatus which sustains it.

To be effective, the response to such a narrative has to be two-tiered, like the narrative itself. Until now we have focused on a strictly academic approach, using demonstrable facts and serious arguments in order to expose the propaganda version of Srebrenica. Our work will continue on that level. The Srebrenica narrative is under increasing strain as a critical mass of intelligent and influential people are coming to realize that, in the words of Edward Herman, it is the greatest propaganda triumph at the end of the twentieth century whose time, however, is running out.

But to accomplish our purpose we must also deal with the other aspect of the Leninist principle of public communication: agitation. The majority are not specialists and cannot easily follow the details of complex issues. They lack the resources to study voluminous documents or to read lengthy books. What they need is a brief and well argued review of basic facts.

People who suspect that they are being hoodwinked but lack proof and counterarguments need intellectual ammunition. Armed with facts and arguments, they can successfully resist the imbecilic slogans of the agitators promoting the official Srebrenica narrative.

That, in a nutshell, is the purpose of the Brochure in the attachment. Translations into other major languages are soon to follow. We only ask you to send this to friends and acquaintances on your mailing list and to post it as far and wide as you can on the social media in the English-speaking world.

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