The very brown (i.e., Nazi) roots of the German greenies

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News Magazine FOCUS Reveals German Green Movement’s Very Brown Roots

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By P Gosselin on 10. April 2012

If you ever wondered why people in the Green Movement often seem to take on an air of arrogance, condescending superiority, to be masterful at propaganda, spiteful of human population, preoccupied with lebensraum, intolerant of other views and just plain bossy, journalists Michael Miersch and David Harnasch tell us what is probably behind it.

It turns out that National Socialism is the biological father of modern environmentalism. As you shall read, green naturally appeals to brown, and vice versa in many respects. This is so because much of green ideology was inherited from the browns to begin with.

Miersch and Harnasch write how this is so in the latest print edition of news magazine FOCUS, in an article they’ve reprinted at their website here: Ökonationalsozial.

What follows are FOCUS excerpts I’ve translated in English.

The National Socialist Party has a long green tradition, it turns out. Today Germany’s brownish NPD Party, for example, marches against nuclear power and gene technology. It demonstrates for organic food and bio-farming. The word “nature” appears everywhere in its party literature. “Man is part of nature. That’s why nature is simply not only the environment around man. Materialism of the last decades has driven the destruction of the natural life’s base in an irresponsible way.“ This is not a quote from Greenpeace literature, but from the party program of Germany’s brownish NPD party.

During Green Week at the end of January in Berlin, thousands of animal activists, gene-technology opponents and organic farmers protested. Many among them were “Autonomous Nationalists“ who held signs that read “Against plant food patents“ and “Against capitalist slavery“. The browns are infiltrating the greens.

Because Neonazis are hanging out increasingly within the Green scene, non-brown greens have become alarmed. One state official went through the trouble of authoring a 36-page information guide titled “Nature Protection Against Rightwing Extremism“ in order to curb the growing brown flood within the Green Movement.

Brownish organisation Midgard not long ago distributed a green-brown propaganda magazine in South Germany. The magazine called “Environment and Active“ has the motto: “National policy is environmental policy.“ In the 1930s the Nazis shared the green ideology, and had the Weltanschauung “blood and soil”, which revered healthy eating, idealized rural agrarian life and German forest romanticism.

For the Nazis in the 1930s, sustainable living was a primary aim of the regime. There was a huge interest in renewable raw materials and alternative energies. Back then wind turbines were called Reichskrafttürme (Reich’s power towers). Later in 1959 Germany published a novel that warned of man-made climate change: Der Tanz mit dem Teufel (Dance with the demon). The book’s author was Austrian Günther Schwab, a Nazi SA stormtrooper. He went on to be viewed as a “green visionary“.

Former Nazis were active in environmental groups and went on to become the grandfathers of the Germany’s modern greens. They became very much involved in Germany’s early Green Party, thus exposing the myth that the Green Party was “a new movement”. Green Party honcho Jürgen Trittin warns at his website of “the many commonalities“ between brown and green.

August Haußleiter in 1980 was one of the German Green Party’s first leaders. It was discovered that the concerned environmentalist was also an anti-Semite. He resigned and in 1986 joined the Bavarian Greens.

Joseph Beuys, a green leader in the 1980s, was involved with the Volks National Revolutionaries. Baldur Springmann was connected to the SA, SS and NSDAP. In 1982 he left the Green Party and joined the new Ecology-Democratic Party.

In 1983 Werner Vogel was one of the first Green Party parliamentarians. He happened to be an SA Sturmführer and NSDAP member as well.

In 1984 Luise Rinser wrote poetry about Hitler, and in 1981 vaunted over dictator Kim Il-sung.

Alfred Mechtersheimer was at first a prominent green, but then left and became a brown.

It is not only the Green Party that had brown streaks, so did many of Germany’s earlier environmental groups, which later transformed into groups known today as NABU or BUND. Lina Hähnle, Chairman of what today is NABU, once pledged allegiance to Hitler.

Also the Association for Nature Protection in Bavaria sympathized with Nazi causes. From 1958 to 1963, Alwin Seifert was National Director of the Association For Nature Protection. Seifert in 1940 had a high level position in the Nazi regime as Reichslandschaftsanwalt (Reich’s Counsel For Landscape). Here he occupied himself with such matters as planning the future of the conquered lebensraum in Eastern Europe. He was instructed by Heinich Himmler to make it so that “the German folk could feel at home there”. Twenty five years later Seifert authored the book: Gärtner, Ackern – ohne Gift (Gardens, Meadows – Without Toxins), which today is still a bestseller and, according to Amazon, ‘a Bible of the Green Movement’.”


My comments: To me this is astonishing. But when you think about it, so many parallels jump out at you. Think for a minute about the 10:10 No Pressure fiim. Think about Schellnhuber’s “Great Transformation masterplan” or Michael Mann’s “the cause”. Think about how environmentalists feel about 7 billion people on the planet. Think about all the science and media manipulation going on to fool the public to promote the obvious lie of CO2 dominating the climate. Think about those who want to change the planet so that “they can feel at home there”. Recall what Hansen said about China’s regime. The list goes on and on. These people are not brown, but they really ought ot think about what they look like. Actions speak volumes.

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