Julia Gillard now leads ‘most unpopular Australian government in past 40 years’

by Gramfan on February 4, 2013

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Julia Gillard on the way to the guillotine

Guardian (UK) has the story:

A year after prime minister ousted previous Labor leader Kevin Rudd, only one in four Australians say they would vote for her.

One year after Australian prime minister Julia Gillard ousted Kevin Rudd to become the country’s first female leader, she’s in serious trouble herself.

The enthusiasm that greeted Gillard on a crisp June day last year has all but evaporated, with barely one in four (27%) Australians now prepared to vote for her, according to a new poll – the worst for any major federal political party in almost four decades.

With a majority of just one in the hung parliament and Gillard having to rely on the support of three independents and a Greens MP to govern, a single by-election could spell disaster for her.

With her personal approval rating collapsing (nearly 60% of those polled disapprove of her), Kevin Rudd is now the preferred Labor leader by a margin of two to one.
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Telegraph (UK): Julia Gillard well behind Tony Abbott after election announcement

Julia Gillard has slumped in the opinion polls and is trailing far behind Opposition leader Tony Abbott after a dismal first week to her long election campaign.

Just days after the prime minister announced the Australian election would be held on September 14, the first opinion poll of the campaign showed the ruling Labour party will enter the race with the support of only 32 per cent of voters. On a two-party basis, Mr Abbott’s Coalition leads Labour by 56 per cent to 44 per cent – a margin that would translate into an electoral wipeout for Ms Gillard.

Labour has been behind in the polls for almost two years but had slowly clawed back in recent months. However, the announcement of an election date and a poor week for Ms Gillard has reversed the gains.

The past week included the resignation of two senior ministers and the arrest of a former Labor MP, Craig Thomson, who is accused of misusing union funds on prostitutes and personal entertainment expenses. He maintains his innocence.

In addition, Ms Gillard faced a local party backlash over her appointment of a former Olympian, Nova Peris, as a candidate to become Labour’s first indigenous MP.

The latest Newspoll showed Ms Gillard’s support as preferred prime minister dropped four percentage points in the past two weeks from 45 per cent to 41 per cent, while Mr Abbott’s support rose six points to 39 per cent.
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1 Stranded in Sonoma February 4, 2013 at 6:16 pm

Well, the Labour party could lose this election. Australia doesn’t have Barack Obama and all of his ballot box stuffers.

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