Support Serb Lobby action: why can’t UK government condemn racist attacks against Serbs?

by 1389 on February 3, 2013

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Britić has the story:

Gracanica in Kosovo

Members of Serb Lobby are aiming to take the UK government to task for failing to stop or denounce a racist attack against ethnic Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija. The attack happened on Orthodox Christmas Day this year.

Serb Lobby is a Google Group of British Serb activists and letter-writers. (Email if you would like to join the group.) They have asked Britić to gauge support for this action. If you would sign this parliamentary petition, or even better elicit support from friends and family, please email – better still why not visit and Like the facebook page?

Here is the letter. How many British Serbs do you think will sign it?

Dear Honourable Sir….

I am writing to you in order to express my deep concern over the racist attacks against the members of Serbian nation and the harsh treatment they received during the celebration of the Orthodox Christmas (7 January 2013) in the unilaterally proclaimed independent Kosovo which the British Government strongly supports. Namely, without being provoked, the members of the so-called Kosovo Police, KPS, arrested under the pretext that “they endanger general public ten young Serbian men” whilst on their way from the Christmas Liturgy. They were detained without charges for two days during which they have been exposed to the brutal beating and humiliation.

Despite the complaints addressed at the EULEX Mission and the UNMIK, there are no indications that this act will be condemned either by the Albanians or by the leading European states that support the Albanian ethnic cleansing of the Serbs that is happening before their own eyes. This practise of brutal abuse of the Serbian nationals is evident and is being constantly repeated since the occupation of Kosovo and Metohija began in 1999. The violence against the remaining Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija is especially emphasised during the celebration of Christian holidays. The attacks on the persons and property of the Serbian Orthodox Church are also never ending and well-documented. All these attacks are carefully orchestrated in order to prevent the return of nearly 200,000 Serbs who sought refuge in Serbia proper only six months after the occupation of Kosovo, following the NATO intervention in 1999. There are no indications that they will be allowed to return.

I am extremely concerned that Her Majesty’s Ambassador in Kosovo and Metohija did not find it necessary to react in any appropriate way to prevent this obviously racist attack from happening. At this instance, I would be grateful if You urge His Excellency to make sure that all responsible for this attack on basic human rights are criminally prosecuted – not only actual direct perpetrators, but also all those in the line of command that allowed this racist attack to happen without finding it necessary to prevent it.

I can only hope that no British official can be singled out for willingly helping in this criminal deed, by ignorance or by neglecting their duty.

In the link below, you will find the report of the latest events that took place during the celebration of the Orthodox Christmas in Kosovo and Metohija.

B92: Serbs say Kosovo police tortured them while in detention

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