EU continues to chip away at what’s left of Serbia’s sovereignty

by 1389 on January 25, 2013

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“…The step is part of a push by the EU to nudge the two towards functional, neighborly relations, and for Serbia to drop its grip on a Serb-populated pocket of northern Kosovo…”

A ‘nudge’, then a ‘push’, and finally a ‘shove’. That sounds ominous, doesn’t it?

Hurriyet Daily News (Turkey): Kosovo names Serbia envoy after years

Kosovo named its first envoy to Serbia on Jan. 23 since the 1998-99 war which split the two countries, part of a fresh push by the European Union to resolve relations between the Balkan neighbors and cement stability in the volatile region.

Serbia and its former province have agreed in EU-mediated talks to exchange liaison officers tasked with improving communication five years after Kosovo declared independence with the backing of the West.

Kosovo’s government said Lulzim Peci, currently Pristina’s ambassador to Sweden, would become its “ambassador” to Serbia.

Serbia, which does not recognize Kosovo as a state, is expected to name its envoy within days, though Belgrade insists neither representative will have diplomatic status. They will work out of the EU offices in Belgrade and Pristina.

The step is part of a push by the EU to nudge the two towards functional, neighborly relations, and for Serbia to drop its grip on a Serb-populated pocket of northern Kosovo.

Progress in talks mediated by EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton will decide how quickly the EU moves ahead with Serbia’s bid to join the bloc, with Belgrade aiming to clinch a date for the start of accession talks in June.

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1 ADHD January 25, 2013 at 2:46 pm

More and more, the EU is showing itself for the Moslem-owned TYRANNY that it has become ever since the collapse of the USSR in 1991 – and even earlier!!!!

Serbia should abandon ALL aspirations of joining that bloc of nations and turn away from the West given how little the West itself now has of freedom. In that regard, it should renounce ALL the accords it signed with the West under Boris Tadich. It also should launch an aggressive defence of its own South-Serb pocket the Albanians are infiltrating in Serbia proper, followed by a negotiated partition of Kosovo-Metohija where Kosovo Polje (Blackbirds’ Field) and the most important of its monasteries, churches, &c. get to be kept as Serb territory. [All this could be done with Russian and Chinese help.]

In fact, the Moslems (THE MORTAL enemy of the West and of everything and everybody “un-Islamic”), especially Arab Moslems and above all Saudi-Arab Moslems and their careful usage of their petroleum riches (in addition to using their emigrant populations), have all too successfully – with the help of their Western Communist and crypto-Communist allies – subverted Western freedom and freedoms such that it won’t take much for Europe as a whole to ALL become one gigantic Islamic emirate or kingdom. The very same thing looms in front of the USA due to Barack Hussein Obama – he and the EU and the non-Israeli Middle East could very well end up creating a global Islamic caliphate – in which case God Had BETTER Intervene VERY QUICKLY as otherwise ALL LIFE WILL be rapidly exterminated on this planet!!!!

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