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by Julia Gorin on January 21, 2013

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Julia Gorin: Hillary’s Halloween: “We Will Not Allow Anyone to Question Kosovo’s Independence. This Cannot be Discussed”

My apologies for only getting to it now, but this one was at least as good as “I will transmit this information to Vladimir.”

In fact, it’s better, since it comes from a representative of the “Land of the Free,” which in the past two decades has been trying to out-Sovietize the old Soviet Union.

In case I thought there was only one meaning to my statement that you just can’t talk about Kosovo, on Halloween Hillary made it official in more ways than one:

Hillary and Thaci embracing
Hillary Clinton and Hashim Thaci (Tanjug/AP)

Kosovo is my personal matter, Clinton says (Oct. 31, 2012)

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said in Priština Wednesday that Kosovo’s independence was indisputable.

After the meeting with Thaci, Clinton said that the U.S. would not allow anyone to question Kosovo’s independence.

“We are opposed to every talk on the change of borders or reopening of the issue of Kosovo’s independence. This cannot be discussed,” the U.S. official noted.

As the business executive and past president of Serbian Unity Congress, Michael Djordjevic, commented at the time:

These Hillary Clinton statements are typical of the New World Order worldview and yet another example of the amoral and already doomed geopolitical philosophy of America. It is both tragic and pathetic for USA and the world. For example, she asserts that “the USA would never allow any new negotiations on the border between the two countries.” ‘Never?’ What if the Kosovo (Moslem) Albanians of their own free will decide to agree with the Serbs to negotiate separation, resolve their differences and start to live normal lives WITHOUT [the] ever-present meddling and pushing and browbeating by the USA and EU?

Of course, they won’t, thanks in great part to the browbeating being done on their behalf.

Hillary went on:

“For me, my family and my fellow Americans this is more than a foreign policy issue, it is personal,” Clinton stressed.

Here we’ve arrived at her next admission. That it’s a “personal issue” for her family. Could that be a veiled, or at least Freudian, reference to the fact that her husband got the order to bomb the Serbs from Hillary in what was their first conversation in eight months since the Articles of Impeachment were passed and she stopped talking to him? Personal, because the impeachment stemmed from his lying to federal agents, and asking others to lie, during an investigation into a sexual harassment case against him, during which they found out about at least one extramarital affair of his? Personal because, even though the Kosovo groundwork was already being laid, there was no green light from the president for a full-blown intervention until the name Juanita Broaddrick appeared in The Wall St. Journal, prompting Hillary to finally talk to her husband again, via the directive to bomb the Serbs? Indeed, Kosovo got the two back together again. It’s a very personal issue for the jilted wife. And now she’s seeing it through as Secretary of State. Kafka couldn’t come up with anything darker, nor Nabokov with anything more perverse.

To refresh people’s memories, here was the DRUDGE headline from Nov. 24, 1999:



Hillary Clinton biographer Gail Sheehy tells NBC’S DATELINE in a segment set for air on November 29 that after the Monica Lewinsky affair was revealed, Hillary Clinton refused to speak to the President for eight months.

According to Sheehy, the standoff did not end until one day in March, 1999 when Hillary called the president telling him to begin bombing Kosovo!

Sheehy tells DATELINE’S Stone Phillips: “The day after she said that, he [Bill Clinton] announced that he was informing his NATO allies that he was recommending a bombing campaign.” […]

It was during her late October trip that Hillary reinforced the personal origins and dynamic of the Clinton-Kosovo affair, by waving from under the shadow of her husband’s enormous gold statue in Priština, a shot so strange that a blog in India was compelled to cover Chelsea Clinton’s embarrassingly proud tweet of it, remarking on the strangeness of the image and the tweet, but quite able to pinpoint exactly what made it so strange.

Hillary standing with creepy monument to Bill Clinton in Priština

Continuing with the original article about the trip:

…Clinton also stated that agreements reached so far in the Belgrade-Priština talks needed to be implemented.

Clinton added that Thaci had taken the political risk by meeting Serbia’s PM Ivica Dačić in Brussels.

[EU High Rep. Catherine] Ashton said that the EU pathway was not easy but that Kosovo would in the end be a country where law and order are respected and economic prosperity is ensured.

“Ensuring” economic prosperity. Nothing Soviet/communist about that either.

… “The state of Kosovo is being consolidated, independence, sovereignty, internal organization cannot be questioned…” [Kosovo PM Hashim] Thaci concluded.

“…Kosovo’s integrity will not be a topic of the talks, that Kosovo’s independence is a done deal as far as the U.S. is concerned and that it cannot be negotiated but they will have to negotiate other things that should lead to better relations between Kosovo and Serbia. The north is among those things,” he [Koha Ditore editor Agron Bajrami told B92 Radio]….

On the other hand, certain Kosovo Albanian analysts believe that the visit is aimed at exerting pressure on Priština to give up on the north and grant this part a special status. [No chance!] They have warned that the normalization of relations between Belgrade and Priština would be meaningless if Kosovo was not accepted in the UN and if it was not recognized by all EU member states in the end.

Priština-based Albanian language daily Zeri has quoted analyst Behgjet Shala as saying that “…This visit has only one goal, to ask Kosovo to give up on the north and for the northern part to get a special status,” Shala said.

Keeping with the Halloween ghoul-fest theme, Hillary then flew to visit with the next Balkan monstrosity, Croatia:

Clinton: US Optimistic About Croatia’s Future (Voice of America, Oct. 31, 2012)

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told Croatia’s leaders Wednesday that their country has great potential and that the United States is optimistic about its future in the European Union.

Croatia is set to join the 27-nation bloc in July of next year [2013]. It is already a member of NATO…She said U.S. companies are interested in investing in Croatia.

Secretary Clinton arrived in Zagreb from Pristina, [like going trick-or-treating from one haunted house to the other — tricking the Serbs and treating their enemies] where she reiterated Washington’s support for an independent Kosovo, saying “the United States remains firm on Kosovo’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

“We oppose any discussion of territorial changes or reopening Kosovo’s independent status. These matters are not up for discussion. The boundaries of an independent, sovereign Kosovo are clear and set.”

On Tuesday in Belgrade, Clinton had urged Serbian leaders to move forward on talks with Kosovo, stressing that such dialogue does not require recognition of the former province’s independence. [Never mind that following through on all the coerced agreements means exactly that, or that even Serbia’s puny, desperate request that at least the term “Republic of Kosovo” not be used at meetings is spat on.]

From Zagreb, Clinton flies to the Albanian capital, Tirana, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Albanian independence.

Gee, that didn’t look like Halloween at all:

Albanian with face painted red and black
Albanian demonstration

Reacting to Hillary’s official shenanigans in the Balkans was Kristian Kahrs, the Norwegian ex-NATO (KFOR) soldier who has become a writer and activist for fair play in the region. He presented a mini chronology which illustrates that U.S. Kosovo policy is driven by blackmail:

When Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton came to Belgrade on Oct. 30, 2012, she made it clear to Serbian president Tomislav Nikolić that the United States would not accept any changes to Kosovo’s borders.

The US and the EU are very keen on the territorial integrity of Kosovo….In the Rambouillet negotiations, Serbia’s territorial integrity was not important at all. In this agreement, we would have a referendum within three years where only those who lived in Kosovo, not the entire population of Serbia, could vote about the future status. Well, we tried to bomb them into submission, but in [the resulting] United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244 Kosovo is not given independence or prospects of a referendum to decide the future of the province.

In 2003 we introduced “Standards before status,” then the pogroms happened on March 17 and 18, 2004, and Kosovo unilaterally declared their independence on Feb. 17, 2008.

In accordance with their support for separatists in the Balkans, the US was among the first to recognize this new state, of course after the beacon of democracy, the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

Later, on March 28, 2008, my country Norway recognized Kosovo even if Norway has absolutely nothing to gain from this, and we have no national interests in Kosovo. The only reason for a Norwegian recognition of Kosovo would be to appear as good allies to the US. After all, Norway was a loyal NATO member when we went to war against Yugoslavia in 1999, and as a loyal NATO member, a Norwegian recognition of Kosovo was inevitable.

Now, US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and EU High Representative Catherine Ashton [have] come to Belgrade and Priština in an attempt to blackmail Serbia into submission. When they urge Serbia to “normalize relations” to Kosovo, this is just a code word for an intense political pressure on Serbia to recognize the new state state we created.

With such statements, Clinton and the international community block any sensible solution where Serbs and Kosovo Albanians could sit down in an open dialog. Blackmail does not lead to stability.

In his Nov. 10 roundup of Hillary’s Balkan tour, Nebojsa Malic wrote the following:

…Secretary Clinton was photographed hugging a terrorist accused of running a mafia state trafficking in drugs, weapons and human organs. The “independence” of Kosovo – Serbian province occupied by NATO after an illegal war in 1999 – “cannot be discussed,” she declared, following the embrace. “It is personal,” Clinton said, underscoring the point by visiting a colossal gilded statue of her husband and a store named after herself.

…The message she bore was nothing new: Albanians got unconditional support, the Serbs got demands for unconditional surrender….

…there was next to no resistance to Imperial diktat in Belgrade, where the government finally quit waffling and promised immediate action to reach a “final solution” – in the most unfortunate phrase of Prime Minister Dacic – to the Kosovo situation. In fact, Dacic has already met with Thaci – a man he would normally, as head of Serbia’s police, have the legal obligation to arrest on charges of terrorism and organized crime.

Given that, per Clinton, the “independence” of the occupied province cannot be discussed, and that Thaci will agree to nothing less, it is unclear what exactly there is to actually negotiate. The coalition of Socialists, Progressives and “Regionalists” in Belgrade is pretty much agreeing to recognize the land grab. And for what? A promise of future talks about maybe joining the EU some day!

By way of comparison, Prince Regent Paul was rightly vilified for signing a treaty with Hitler in March 1941, but he at least succeeded in getting some terms out of Berlin. (Hitler would have broken them, certainly, but that’s beside the point.) These guys aren’t even trying.

…Albanians will continue to think they aren’t getting everything they want fast enough, and the Serbs will face yet another treason by their politicians…

In a short Global Research article on Nov. 1 (”Clinton: US Will Never Allow Kosovo Border Change; Demands Serbia Accept Border Exactly as Drawn”), Jason Ditz explained:

The question of borders is not simply sour grapes from the Serbian government but a very serious concern over the fact that the lines drawn after the war leave a number of ethnic Serbian villages on the Kosovo side of the border, and the ethnic-Albanian dominated Kosovo government has sought to prevent them from trading with Serbia, using NATO troops to try to seal the border.

Which leaves open the question: if the US supports self-determination for Kosovar Albanians, why not also for Kosovar Serbs who never wanted to secede from Serbia in the first place and now don’t want to be stuck as part of the new Kosovo[?] The US has not addressed the “why” of this double standard, but has repeatedly reiterated that they will not allow northern Kosovo to secede from the rest of Kosovo….

That piece too was addressing Hillary’s demanding that Serbia “normalize” relations with Kosovo, and insisting that the US “would never allow any new negotiations on the border between the two countries.”

We know that the Clintons have no sense of irony, and so a month after the “Discussion Not Allowed” notice from Hillary, she made the irony even thicker when she said the U.S. is trying to prevent a re-Sovietization by Russia. The Russian Institute for Strategic Studies’ Boris Volkhonsky wrote on Rick Rozoff’s blog Dec. 7th:

As reported by the Financial Times, on Thursday, hours before meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told a news conference that the US is to prevent Russia from integrating more closely with its neighbors in Central Asia and Eastern Europe.

“There is a move to re-Sovietise the region,” said the US Secretary of State. “It’s not going to be called that. It’s going to be called a customs union, it will be called Eurasian Union and all of that. But let’s make no mistake about it. We know what the goal is and we are trying to figure out effective ways to slow down or prevent it.”

What irritated Ms. Hillary…is the process of growing integration between former Soviet states, and in particular Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, which formed a customs union in 2010. In 2012, the union was transformed into a common economic space with prospects of turning into a Eurasian Union that would enable other neighboring countries to join it along lines similar to of those of the European Union.

In October 2011, in an article published by the Russian Izvestia newspaper, the then-premier of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin wrote, “There is no talk of reforming the USSR in some form. It would be naive to restore or copy what has been abandoned in the past, but close integration – on the basis of new values, politics and the economy – is the order of the day.”

So, there is a clear impression that when Ms. Hillary speaks of “re-Sovietization”, she barely notices the real goals formulated by Russian politicians, but rather suspects that Russia…is following a pattern with which she, as the head of American diplomacy, is well acquainted.

Hence her claims that Russia is following an expansionist policy….

Projection, in other words.

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1 Jim Campbell January 22, 2013 at 2:36 pm

Great job amigo, you nailed her, to the cross and I made sure she will not rise again from the dead. Hillary Clinton is the personification of EVIL Please enjoy.

2 Gerald January 23, 2013 at 3:15 am

If it is any consolation, I came across this small snippet of history of different time and a different U.S.A.
“When the Serbian Flag Flew Over the White House
So valiantly and courageously did they oppose the forces of a country ten times greater in population and resources that it was only after they had thrice driven the Austrians back and Germany and Bulgaria had come to the aid of Austria that they were compelled to retreat into Albania. While their territory has been devastated and their homes despoiled, the spirit of the Serbian people has not been broken. Though overwhelmed by superior forces, their love of freedom remains unabated. Brutal force has left unaffected their firm determination to sacrifice everything for liberty and independence.”
[from Brian Bach- I offer this partially as sad proof that the USA once stood for something better;

[original here]

3 CzechRebel January 23, 2013 at 5:52 pm

@ Gerald

You bring back the memory of the protests against the 1999 Kosovo War. The Serbs really do deserve are respect. Thanks for reminding us about that.

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