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Do ONLY Harm: Google’s True Motto

by CzechRebel on January 21, 2013

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Will the Real Commies Please Stand Up?

It seems counterintuitive, but many entrepreneurs are the hardest of hard-core Communists and Larry Page and Sergey Brin of Google are good examples of this concept. Let me explain:

Talk Radio Icon Meets Communist Entrepreneur

A number of years ago, while driving on a long trip, I tuned into Rush Limbaugh, perhaps out of boredom. I haven’t heard Rush in years. Evidently, back in those days, Rush took some of the strangest calls. This time, he took a call from a hardcore, self-professed Communist. After a very long conversation, Rush offered to send him a free subscription to a newsletter that Rush published at the time. The Communist agreed to accept the Limbaugh newsletter, but insisted on paying for it. (Well, OK, that’s one more reason why I could never be a Commie; I just don’t get this.) Anyway, the Communist’s reason for paying for the subscription was that he could afford to pay for it because he had his own business.

This started a new long conversation between Rush and the Commie. Rush tried to get the Communist to see a contradiction between being a Communist and owning your own business. Of course, the Communist saw no contradiction between owning a small business and being a Communist.

I wished that I had Rush’s private line. I would have liked to have explained a few things. For example, if you read the Communist Manifesto very carefully, Marx and Engels are careful to explain that they were after the “big fish” that owned the large factories and the like, and not a little guy who had a few tools and did a small job here and there.

Seen It With My Own Two Eyes

Also, many years ago, as a very young man, I was a salesman who used to call on small businesses. Funny what you learn under such circumstances. It seems that a number of leftists do own stores that sell products that appeal to fellow leftists. (Well, some of the exact same products might be available at many stores, but they seemed to be leftist in a leftist-owned store.)

Maybe It Is a Common Tale

A friend of mine had to miss a grandparent’s funeral. However, an interesting report came back via a younger sister. It seems that a few old-time Communists showed up at the funeral to pay their respects. They wanted to make sure that the family knew that both of those grandparents were really good Communists and never lost the faith. This would be enough of a shock in most middle-class families, but this shock had an extra kick, as these grandparents had owned a small business most of their working lives.

There Is ALWAYS Some Harm to Someone

As I write this, a playoff football game is on in the background. One team will win. One team will lose and its season will end. They will make less money than if they had won; thus, there will be harm to the losing team. If you want to “do no harm,” you will need to close down the NFL. A lot of diehard fans will consider that to be even more harmful. So, there is no way to avoid harm.

In many transactions in human life, there are winners and losers. Sales reps compete for your business; you buy from one, and the others are out of pocket for the expense of having called on you. Criminals commit crimes and do harm. Law enforcement tries to ameliorate this harm when it arrests a suspect. Prosecutors try to continue this amelioration process by putting suspects in prison. However, when an innocent suspect is wrongfully convicted, there is even more harm. We are called upon to make choices that uphold our system of values, but it is impossible to go through life without harming anyone.

The New Gods of the Internet

Yet, the two self-professed gods of the Internet, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, admonish us to “Do no harm.” Even the real God of the Judaeo-Christian tradition do not hold us mere mortals to such a high standard. Yet, these new gods have proven to be mega-hypocrites.

A few years ago, an author friend of mine wanted to promote his new conservative book on Google. He took out a massive amount of Google ads, but after a few clicks, the ads were removed. He got a form letter stating that his ads had been pulled, as he was actually “selling guns” and not books! Assuming that it was a mistake, the author wrote to Google and complained. An actual human at Google wrote back and said that it was no mistake and that the author was actually selling guns and not books. Of course, the author offered to send an actual copy of the book, but Google was not interested.

The reason is so simple: Google hates anything conservative. They will lie, cheat, and I suspect even kill if they could get away with it to stop anything conservative. Google’s primary objective is to make a profit, but they will compromise that objective to promote their hard-left and pro-Muslim political agenda.

After the 9-11 Attack Any Support of Islam is Pure Treason

The days are gone when we can look at Islam as some sort of misunderstood “religion of peace.” While we can see that some uninformed Muslims may not understand what their own faith is truly about, history condemns the actions of Islam in no uncertain terms as a violent creed.

Few Muslims denounce violence and none are willing to excommunicate violent Muslims from their faith. It is all this same nonsense: “Oh, those are not true Muslims…” and that is the end of it. No doubt about it, anyone who does not condemn Islam as it is now practiced is guilty of treason. It is treason against the USA. It is treason against Israel. It is treason against Russia. it is treason against every land that has not been dominated by Islam . . . yet.

Gates of Vienna

Our sister blog, Gates of Vienna, is well named. We are 1389 Blog, so named for a battle that helped keep Islam from dominating Eastern Europe (if not all of Europe) – a battle that was fought in 1389 A.D. The next century saw Muslim jihadis pushing on to gates of the city of Vienna twice. Had the Islamic terrorists not been slowed down in 1389, at the Battle of Kosovo, Vienna most likely would have fallen in short order.

We have worked hand and glove with Gates of Vienna for years. They have given us permission to mirror many of their articles. They are equally committed to defending the world from Islamic terrorism. We agree with them on all significant points. We differ in geographic reporting beat: Gates of Vienna is the voice of the European counterjihad, whereas 1389 Blog focuses on the counterjihad in the Anglosphere and in Orthodox Christian lands. In our opinion, Gates of Vienna’s point of vulnerability is that it hosts with Google.

“Do ONLY Harm” the True Google Manifestation

The Google team of hypocrites have taken The Gates of Vienna offline twice in the last few days. Being a bunch of pathological liars, Larry Page and Sergey Brin’s goon squad tried to tell us the first time that it was merely a technical glitch. The second time, the Google Goon Squad falsely accused Gates of Vienna of a “terms of service violation” having to do with “malicious code” on their site. Gates of Vienna does not host viruses or malware, unless some hostile insider at Google chose to plant something there as a pretext for taking the site down.

Gates of Vienna has moved to http://gatesofvienna.net/

Because their old blog on Google Blogger is still locked, there is no automatic redirection. Instead, we suggest that you visit their new site and update your bookmarks or blogroll.

What Does Google Really Want?

The Google people are promoting Islam, which is very obvious due to their nefarious actions against Gates of Vienna.

Let’s make it clear what is the logical outcome of Google’s pro-Muslim actions:

Google in Hell
Google’s other corporate motto is “Don’t be evil.”


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1 Potocki January 21, 2013 at 7:20 pm

Google is not merely anti-antijihadist. It is an active all around Progressive machine of awesome power, a Googlebama with eyes and ears EVERYWHERE. See its logotype today [MLK Day 2013].

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