#MyJihad: Cracking skull with baseball bats & tire irons in Greenwich Village

by 1389 on January 19, 2013

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Published on Jan 19, 2013 by SDAMatt2a

Hat tip: http://blazingcatfur.blogspot.ca/ & http://creepingsharia.wordpress.com

Kevin McCarron, a 24 year old student who graduated from Providence College, had stopped by Artichoke Basille’s Pizza, an upscale pizza place on one of Greenwich Village’s narrow tree-lined streets where cafes, taverns and restaurants cater to the large student population in nearby New York University.

But while McCarron, his brother and his friends, had stopped by Artichoke Basille’s, at 111 McDougal Street, Sherif Rizk was celebrating his graduation as a Political Science student at Brooklyn College, along with a gang of Muslim friends a little way down at 119 McDougal Street where Mamoun’s Falafel Restaurant to the left of a sleazy ATM and the Comedy Cellar.

In the seventies, the Village Voice had claimed that Henry Kissinger could take a lesson from Mamoun’s where “Arabs and Jews” eat the same table. But the lesson that would be tonight was of a very different kind.

The Muslim group was sitting on the car that McCarron and his friends were planning to drive home from their New York City outing and became aggressive when they were asked to get off.

McCarron, who had graduated with a degree in public and community services studies and participated in a Catholic church’s ministry for “the study and practice of nonviolence”, tried to defuse the situation.

“We are going to f— you up,” one of the Muslims answered. Arming themselves with a baseball and tire irons from the trunk of their car, at least seven of them assaulted Kevin McCarron, fracturing his skull.

Sherif Rizk was arrested by the police. As was Hatem Farsakh. Facebook and MySpace profiles that may belong to Farsakh show that he calls himself the “Palestinian Prince.” Sherif Rizk’s “Likes” apparently include, “Daily Dawah”, “I need Allah in my life”, “Occupy Wall Street”, “Prophet Mohammed”, “Sucka 4 Blondes”, “I’m a Muslim and I’m Proud”, “Israel is Not a Country” and “Please Say Yes to Support a Ban on Cartoons of Prophet Mohammed.”

The other five are still at large. Kevin McCarron is in critical condition at the hospital and may have permanent damage to his motor skills. However Hatem is already out on $5,000 bail. Sherif Rizk’s bail was set at $30,000 after being charged with attempted murder, gang assault and assault.

Rizk’s father claims that the assault was really self-defense.

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