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by 1389 on January 18, 2013

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Comments by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot:

47 states revolt against Obama gun control

Take our guns, Obama? Think again, dude. This time you have bitten off more than you can chew.

Who has admitted to voting for this fool a second time?

To lead you must have credible followers.

On this issue you don’t. You would be wise to work on the budget, cutting taxes and spending, but as a Marxist, that is not likely to happen.

American readers: Please be sure and visit this link to join the rally that is taking place in your state!

You Cannot Be More Liberal Than a Liberal

As usual the Sultan is on the nails and it’s a shame they aren’t in coffins.

We may be mixing words here but factually this is all about the progressive movement that began with Teddy Roosevelt in 1901 and Woodrow Wilson 1913.

His article clearly demonstrates the hypocrisy of the party with a Marxist agenda that in reality stands for nothing. He exposes them.

Don’t be deterred by the four lemmings depicted below who do not deserve confirmation by the Senate.

Predictably they will be approved as cave in artists that call themselves Republicans feel the need to be loved by the bad guys.

Blog admin 1389 warns:
The Republican National Committee is a false flag operation.

The RNC is a scam. Its purposes is to keep genuine conservatives out of the federal government. The RNC deserves no support from the conservative/counterjihad community. Donate your money to, and volunteer for, your state GOP organization, or send your donations directly to the candidates you prefer.

Forfeit Your Guns Bill Introduced In House of Representatives

Let’s say it briefly this way. We don’t need more gun control legislation, we need more control over those legislators that believe we do. They must be kicked to the curb in the upcoming 2014 election.

One must marvel at the liberal mind and it incapability to function rationally.

For some obscure reason these poor souls, grandstanding to appear relevant, don’t deal well with the FBI statistics which clearly demonstrate a well armed populace is a safer populace.

Let’s compound the ignorance with the lack of moral clarity in having the taxpayer essentially pay for the program.

I’m feeling safer already.

Ah, yes, liberals and progressives probably believe gang bangers will be turning in their weapons as well. Logically they will be breaking into people’s homes and stealing them to sell them instead.

Holder Begs Court to Stop Document Release on Fast and Furious

Eric Holder should be begging if the truth is ever uncovered he may well be swinging from a rope.

Have we waited long enough for these people who were involved with the killing of people as in to many to count starting with Border Patrolman Brian Terry to be brought to justice and hopefully be put behind bars?

What is wrong with the Congress of the United States and Darrel Issa’s committee that he is incapable of putting these criminals behind bars?


There can be absolutely no doubt by anyone who has not been living in a hole covered by a rock for the past 4 years that we are being ruled by a tyrant and his name is Barack Hussein Obama.

Someone needs to stick a fork in the Manchurian Candidate and let him know that he is DONE.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
I’m J.C. and I approve these messages.

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