The Jihad against Jihad Watch

by Hesperado on January 17, 2013

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Mickey Mouse with sword

by Hesperado

It’s pretty clear by now: Muslims and their Leftist supporters have been waging a cyber-war against Jihad Watch to try to cripple it, or disable it, or — as Leftist Islamopologist Nathan Lean put it, referring to Robert Spencer — to “Take him down”.

Hack attacks on the Internet would constitute a type of jihad of the pen (jihad-bil-kalam) — or we could say, a subtype of that type of jihad, which we could term the “jihad of the mouse” (jihad-bil-farfur).

This cyber jihad against Jihad Watch has apparently mainly targeted its comments sections — perhaps because they are the most vulnerable; or perhaps because the Islamopologists realize (something Spencer himself doesn’t seem to quite fully appreciate) that the comments section are the very heart of Jihad Watch and form a vibrant and informative community where individuals from all over the world come together not only to express their moral outrage and witty disdain for malignant Muslims, but also to vent their frustration at the West’s continuing myopia about Islam — and, perhaps most productively, to exchange myriad pieces of information about our ongoing crucial war of ideas by which we all hope to steer this ship, the U.S.S. Occidental, around from its Titanically blundering course toward the tip of the iceberg.

Another thing about this cyber jihad: it seems to have been long in coming, and coming in stages or bits and pieces. For a long time, commenters were beset by their comments taking too long to appear, and then receiving an error message of a “gateway timeout”. Then, about a month ago, things got worse. And in the last week it is out of control. At times, the word “Comments” has vanished from the bottom of each Jihad Watch article, rendering it impossible, obviously, to enter the comments field. At other times, one enters, only to find no “Sign in” by which to register and begin to comment. Or, one finds it, and proceeds with the sign in process, but finds several other problems may beset the conclusion of the process.

I have even found a few times that when I try to open the main Jihad Watch site, I get an error message that implies I have been disconnected — but I have not, because I can open other websites. Or, other times it just takes forever to open Jihad Watch.

Another permutation I have noticed in the last couple of days: On the rare few times you can sign in to comment, then click “Submit”, and wait for that seemingly interminable spiral to finish spiralling — you may find you receive the message that your comment has been “successfully submitted”. But then you go back to check — and it’s not there! This just happened to me this evening.

Whatever these Islamopologist mice are doing as they busily burrow into the interstices behind and beneath Jihad Watch to chew on its wiring, it’s having a strangely disparate effect, almost as though they are doing the best they can with their mischief, but are confronting certain limitations blocking their way from full success.

Now is the time for supporters of Jihad Watch who know about computers and about the complex field of Internet codes to contact Robert Spencer and lend him a hand. I regretfully must bow out, as I am so techno-illiterate, I don’t even know why or how electricity works.


I just tried to visit the Gates of Vienna blog — and unprecedentedly, I got this error message:

Blog has been removed

Sorry, the blog at has been removed. This address is not available for new blogs.


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1 1389 January 17, 2013 at 6:48 am

Probably NOT a coincidence. Google Blogger is left-wing and pro-Muslim. Gates of Vienna has had problems with them in the past.

2 ER January 17, 2013 at 9:11 am

I recognize those early stage harassment markers u mention, so I strongly doubt coincidence; the extreme harassment (by various parties) against me made it near impossible to even use YouTube & jeopardized not only my own security, but those I communicated with, so for protection of all it led to my closing my archival account of probably over 100,000 videos, a real loss for society imo, no other chronological account or collection like it anywhere

3 Jack Zedee January 17, 2013 at 2:19 pm

My and many others accounts on facebook and other sites have been removed /blocked banned , and the web sites have all been taken down , now the FIAC ( Australian version of CAIR ) want to get AIm ( Australian Islamist monitor) removed from the Australian archives as its a racist site ,, they also demanded the Univercity of western sydney take down a interactive site that allowed a time line search on Australian history because it too is racist because it showed the first jihadist attack in Australia by some turks on a picnic train nearly 100 years ago now , and the student members of socialist alliance and solidarity both joined in to demand it be removed .

Facts are not allowed in the islamist/socialist join effort to take over our nation

sadly our Pm is 100% behind all this censorship of the truth

oh beware of giving your phone number to facebook if your a anti islam campaigner as they have been giving this info to their friends and boasting about it

whiole they say they are trying to verify that your a real person Allah’s No1 Kaffir Killer is a real account thats verified as is “death to the west” while folks with real and known names , have accounts suspended as they are deemed fake to extract information that can be used to target them

Facebook has to be the most islamist friendly place around now with the lahore based admins boasting of killing 5000 accounts a day that post anti islamic messages

4 Funny And Jewish January 17, 2013 at 2:44 pm

I feel your frustration regarding this cyber jihad and share your astonishment at the wonders of electricity.

5 Jim Campbell January 17, 2013 at 3:08 pm

This was great as I outline in my post below, I’ve had similar issues with FaceBook, I cross blogged back to you, good read, thanks I’m J.C.

6 dymphna January 17, 2013 at 4:17 pm

It really freaked me when GoV disappeared suddenly with no explanation. Many years ago they froze our access to the dashboard but you could still see the main page. Back then, afraid of such an eventuality, we’d stored our main image elsewhere. So the Baron was able to put a message at the bottom of that picture of Vienna explaining the situation.

This time it was gone, but so were many others, lots of them non-political. We actually got an answer on the Blogger Forum, saying it was a systemic problem and they would resolve it. My guess? Their new “improved” template, which we were forced to use or otherwise we couldn’t access our archives online (no one could) uses Java applications for its widgets. Java is proving to be problematic – lots of security holes and beta bugs that shouldn’t be there.

Yeah, we’re working toward a more orderly leave-taking, including buying our own domain name.

Ah me. What a mess. I remember when I could ask someone on the help desk for…ta, da…HELP and actually get a response in real time. That was pre-Google.

7 Infidel Task Force January 17, 2013 at 5:32 pm

Attackers are getting a lot of mileage out of the Denial of Service weapon. They used that on the Infidel Task Force and are currently using it on the sister site: Americans Against Shariah. They move in and give the web site stats a visual of millions of visitors thus overwhelming the site. This will occur by sending the web site over its bandwidth limit, thus shutting down.
My host identified the problem and kept cleaning the bandwidth until the attackers gave up. They are still attacking the AAS site.
I just tried getting onto Jihad Watch. Its has loaded but took a long time.

8 grego January 17, 2013 at 7:59 pm

Stinking muslims. They don’t realize it but word is ALREADY out there about their phuked-up idology and ultra-phuked-up prophet. Screw muhammad and aisha (she had to become a pervert too). Thats how all perverts start out. Some pervert has at them and then they carry on the game.

9 Hesperado January 18, 2013 at 1:35 am

I’ve mentioned on my blog before that a curious thing happened way back when Obama was running the first time, just about the time he won the election. I had posted a long article making a case for voting for McCain as the “lesser evil”, in which I went into great detail about Obama’s various Islamophiliac tendencies and record — among which was the support by the Guantanamo Muslim chaplain, James Yee.

Lo and behold, James Yee himself (apparently) posted a comment to that essay, with the usual Kumbaya bull, all vaguely generalizing about “getting along”. I read it with wry amusement and didn’t check that essay or comments for a long time.

What’s peculiar is that a few months later, I wanted to reference his comment, and checked back, and his comment had vanished without a trace. There is no way a comment can vanish without a trace unless the Administrator (me) deletes it. When a commenter deletes his own comment, it leaves a trace, indicating that the commenter has deleted his own comment. Commenters without my password cannot delete their own comments without a trace.

Since Yee’s was deleted without a trace, and since I didn’t delete it (I never delete comments, no matter how offensive — heck, I’ve even left blatant spam in!), there’s only one explanation: the Blogger corporation either went in to delete it (doing a favor for Obama?) or gave the password to someone to do it for them.

I haven’t the foggiest notion why they’d want to delete such a bland comment as Yee’s.

10 morticiaad January 18, 2013 at 10:06 am

you think it is bad now, just wait a few years, apple is owned mainly by Saudies and so what do you think the implciations of that will be

11 Hesperado January 18, 2013 at 8:56 pm

Oh no; I just tried to open up Jihad Watch, and suddenly my computer screen turned into a bunch of blue characters then blacked out, shut down my browser, and completely restarted on its own. 😥


12 BunnyO. July 14, 2013 at 3:38 pm

Yes, facebook is a sack of garbage when it comes to protecting muslims – radical sheiks with links to terrorism have facebook pages, and I have translated and read posts & comments that are aggressively hate filled and disgusting against ‘kuffar’ and jews on FB but nobody does anything about that. Also propaganda lies about churches in the middle east killing people, eating people & doing satanic rituals and human sacrifices, plus having slaves at the churches – those items never get removed.

I on the other hand slagged off a pakistani hate monger using the exact same words he used and my comment was deleted and I got a warning, he never did.

FB also allows government entities full access to your account without necessity of warrant or even a request – homeland security can log on to any FB account without a password – and I read this off a memo issued by homeland security listing social network sites and whether or not they require a password to ‘view’ personal and private messages, etc.

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