Advice FROM A PATRIOT from one of the still existing “AMERICAN” STATES #MolonLabe

by 1389 on January 17, 2013

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Molon Labe inscription on monument at Thermopylae

Those of you in New York, skip this section, it no longer applies to you.

It’s happening fast. Act now!

Buy extra components, AR lowers/receivers, hi cap magazines, ammo, bury them well oiled in hermetically-sealed waterproof containers NOT in your backyard. You’ll need all the ammo and hi cap magazines you can get your hands on.

New York State, the only state where”military-style weapons” that function exactly the same way as other weapons have been made illegal. It is the state where semiauto rifles – common guns – are now illegal, and New Yorkers have been disarmed.

You are next.

AR receivers are made of aluminum – they will never rust. Buy two, buy four of them for your children, cousins and friends. Buy reloading equipment – you CAN build your own ammo – it’s easy to do.

Owning Semiauto weapons are your last HOPE 4 CHANGE America.

It matters not where your AR receivers wind up.
Don’t tell me what you do. I won’t tell you what I do.
I know ‘nuttin; heard nuttin’; saw nuttin’…
…you know ‘nuttin’, heard nuttin’, know nuttin’…

Dig a deep hole somewhere where no one will find anything but you and your family.
Use a GPS or landmark to return to it “wherever”

Let “them” call you nuts. They are already calling the NRA nuts and millions of Americans who are its members and fans.

Remember: Sticks and Stones may Break My Bones…
(Editor, see below please)

If anyone asks where “whatever” is… Your answer: “Whatever.”

What’s a lower anyway?

You know what? If they outlaw guns they will make you an outlaw.

We are a nation of outlaws who are more than thinking about retaking our nation.

100 million Americans are now outlaws if they step into the Socialist State of New York.

It is the state where they tell you that you can’t smoke, what you can eat, the state where they outlaw salt and sugar. It is the state where Mayor Mike Bloomber’s organization called MAYORS AGAINST ILLEGAL GUNS has just proved itself for what it really is: MAYORS AGAINST LEGAL GUNS, as Cuomo’s Law just made common and legally-obtained guns illegal.

Chuck Scarborough and Team on MSNBC, 8:14 AM Wednesday said the NRA and its millions of members are despicable, a fringe group, OUT OF THE MAINSTREAM, sick-in-the-head people.

The nation’s first CIVIL RIGHTS organization are now fringe extremists, get it?

The author of the above article has just sprung for an expensive life membership in the NRA.

From lobo91 at Blogmocracy 2.0:

Here’s a link that will save you $10 on an annual NRA membership if you act now.

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