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Chuck Baldwin: Revolution?

Dr. Chuck Baldwin
Dr. Chuck Baldwin

I have been writing this column for over a dozen years, and I can safely say the column I wrote last week, “My Line In The Sand Is Drawn Here,” produced more response than any column I have ever written–maybe more than any two or three columns combined. And what is even more noteworthy: unlike most columns, the responses to this column were at least 90% favorable.

In last week’s column I said, “Throughout the United States, there are tens of millions of fully-armed citizens who are more than capable of defending themselves and their communities against any enemy–whether that enemy is an internal or external one. In fact, many millions of these citizens have been trained in the US armed forces. Firearms–especially semi-automatic rifles–in the hands of millions of American citizens is truly the only thing that stands between freedom and tyranny for the people of the United States. That Barack Obama and Dianne Feinstein want to disarm the American people should be considered an act of war against our liberties! In other words, ladies and gentlemen, this is a line in the sand that none of us can afford to ignore.”

I also wrote, “Make no mistake about it: to take away an American’s right to a semi-automatic rifle is to FULLY DISARM HIM. There is no Second Amendment; there is no right to keep and bear arms; there is no citizen militia; there is no liberty without the semi-automatic rifle!”

I concluded the column saying, “Ladies and gentlemen, whatever the consequences might be, and whatever anyone else does or doesn’t do, I am prepared to become an outlaw over this issue! I don’t know how to say it any plainer: I will not register my firearms, and I will not surrender my firearms. Period. End of story. It’s not just a saying with me: when my guns are outlawed, I will be an outlaw!

“My line in the sand is drawn here!

“Make no mistake about it: it is not just semi-automatic rifles that these gun grabbers are after. Ultimately, they want to take all of our guns. We either stop them now or there will be no stopping them at all.”

See the column at:

My Line In The Sand Is Drawn Here!

Among those who wrote to tell me that they had also drawn their personal line in the sand on this issue and that they would also absolutely refuse to register or surrender their firearms were people from virtually all walks of life: attorneys, realtors, bankers, teachers, physicians, civil servants, salesmen, truck drivers, tradesmen, pastors, law enforcement officers (including federal police officers), and military personnel–even special forces troops. Accordingly, I am absolutely convinced that these people are a microcosm of gun owners nationwide. I am also convinced that should Senator Dianne Feinstein’s bill banning semi-automatic rifles become law that there are literally tens of millions of Americans who simply will not comply.

Furthermore, former presidential candidate Pat Buchanan recently told John McLaughlin that should the federal government attempt to confiscate the guns of the American people, “There would be a revolution in this country!”

See the report at:

‘There would be a revolution in this country!’, Mail Online

What most people fail to realize (because they are not taught it) is that the match that ignited America’s War for Independence was not excessive taxes, or the lack of representation, or trade restrictions, or the lack of trial by jury (as important as these issues were). The match that ignited America’s War for Independence was ATTEMPTED GUN CONFISCATION.

On April 19, 1775, British troops, some 800 strong, were dispatched to Concord, Massachusetts, to arrest Sam Adams and John Hancock and to seize a cache of weapons known to be stored at Concord. When Dr. Joseph Warren sent Paul Revere to warn Pastor Jonas Clark (in whose home Adams and Hancock were staying) that the Crown’s troops were on their way to arrest the two men and seize the guns at Concord, he alerted his male congregants. About 60-70 men from the Church of Lexington stood armed on Lexington Green awaiting the Red Coats.

Upon spotting the citizen militia, a British officer demanded the men throw down their arms. They refused; and the British troops immediately opened fire. Eight of the Minutemen were instantly killed. The colonists returned fire in self-defense, and the shot was fired that was heard ’round the world. By the time the troops arrived at the Concord Bridge, just a few miles away, hundreds of colonists were waiting for them with muskets in hand, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Make no mistake about it: attempted gun confiscation ignited America’s War for Independence. And I am convinced that Pat Buchanan is absolutely right. If the federal government attempts to confiscate the guns of the American people, “There would be a revolution in this country!”

One more observation regarding The Battle of Lexington which opened America’s War for Independence: not only was attempted gun confiscation the match that ignited the war, it was the pastor of the Church of Lexington and members of his congregation who were the Minutemen of Lexington Green. That is another fact most historians conveniently leave out of the story.

If there is one element missing from today’s liberty fight, it is the lack of participation from America’s pastors. By and large they are MIA. How many pastors today are warning their congregations of the threat against their Second Amendment liberties? Every pastor in America, regardless of denomination, should have already started proclaiming “the spirit of resistance” (Thomas Jefferson) to their church congregations; they should already be extolling the Biblical mandate to resist tyranny; they should already be warning their congregations of Barack Obama and Dianne Feinstein’s plan to disarm them.

Let me ask my church-going readers: has your pastor said one word from the pulpit regarding the impending gun ban now being drafted? Has your pastor explained the Biblical principles of lawful resistance? Has your pastor exhorted his church congregation to not surrender their firearms and to do everything in their power to demand that your senators and legislators hold the line for the Second Amendment? And my next question is if your pastor has not done any of this, why are you still attending that church?

Ladies and gentlemen, there would have been no United States of America had it not been for Rev. Jonas Clark and the other patriot-pastors of 1775 and 1776. There would have been no Lexington Green and Concord Bridge; there would have been no Bunker Hill; there would have been no Declaration of Independence; there would have been no British surrender at Yorktown. And I would dare say that if a significant percentage of pastors would stand up this Sunday and encourage their people to stand firm against this gun ban bill, the bill would never see the light of day.

The time is late, folks! We no longer have the luxury of straddling the fence or putting our heads in the sand. If your pastor refuses to take a public stand for YOUR liberties, and the liberties of YOUR CHILDREN, vote with your feet and walk out the door. Find yourself a pastor who will defend your liberties and the liberties of your children–liberties that other pastors and patriots purchased at the cost of their very blood.

I repeat what I’ve already said, “Whatever the consequences might be, and whatever anyone else does or doesn’t do, I am prepared to become an outlaw over this issue! I don’t know how to say it any plainer: I will not register my firearms, and I will not surrender my firearms. Period. End of story. It’s not just a saying with me: when my guns are outlawed, I will be an outlaw!

“My line in the sand is drawn here!”

And so are the lines of millions of Americans.

In response to Pat Buchanan’s prediction of revolution should the federal government attempt to confiscate our guns, John McLaughlin replied, “Baloney!”

I’m sure that’s what King George III said when he was told that would happen if his troops attempted to confiscate the guns at Concord.

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1 Jerry Smith January 15, 2013 at 6:41 pm

I will NOT obay illegal presadentual orders. The prez does NOT have the power to invaladate the Constitution. While he may think he is a pig who can change the wriiting on the barn wall in the middle of the night and get away with it. He is wrong. The American people are sick and tird of slick,lieing, politicians. And we are mad as hell about being blamed for something we did NOT do. If they want my gun they WILL HAVE TO FIGHT ME FOR IT.

2 Terry Lee January 15, 2013 at 6:55 pm

I am a pastor in a pacifist oriented denomination, but I have my concealed carry license. I have discussed this with a number of my congregants. I do not think it is Sunday morning material (that is for the Gospel and the Gospel alone). But this is a conversation I have had with a number of the youth in my church as well. It is simple and explanation of the Constitution and why it is in the Constitution. I am 100% in favor of the 2nd Amendment and have told a lot of people about that.

3 grumpy3625 January 15, 2013 at 7:08 pm

Thank you for your courageous comments. I used to own some firearms and got rid of them because of a woman–one of my many idiotic decisions. Obtaining a gun is out of my budget now but where there is a will there is a way. In the meantime there will be a place for me to come to the aid of my countrymen and Republic when the rubber meets the road.

We need to have a leader and to be unified and mobilized. We can’t afford to be running around as a bunch of small, bickering groups that can be snuffed out. We need to be of one thought under one leader. I never thought that this day would come in this once great country. Let’s return it to its glory where teachers don’t stamp on the American flag; our President doesn’t bow before kings that hate us and want to destroy us; our elected officials forget the relationship they’re supposed to have with the people who they serve; where nations respect us and admire us or if they don’t admire us they still respect us; and finally: a nation were we look out for our best interests and our people first.

4 GSoros January 15, 2013 at 7:11 pm

After 6 hours of tireless work, the robbers had finished looting the bank and leisurely spent another half hour looking around for any remaining pennys. Almost as though they had no fear of being caught. Then, they set fire to the building and created caos among their hostages. In the insuing commotion they quietly slipped away into the night, un-noticed. The people and the responders were too busy and distracted running around putting out all the little fires that had been started.

When the smoke finally cleared, all of the people found they had no money.

I have seen the interviews (within 48 hours of Sandy Hook) with the parents of the slain children and I had read that the AR15 was locked in the trunk of his car, but this is a great compilation that starts pointing a finger the direction of the corruption we’re growing accoustomed to.

I had seen the ‘parent interviews’ within 48 hrs of Sandy Hook and knew about the assault rifle being in the trunk of the car, but here’s some more stuff that just keeps pointing to a staged event. The only thing I know for a fact is that I KNOW that the people we’re dealing with a capable of doing whatever it takes to achieve their agenda. PERIOD. Teri E. sent this:

If you think, “oh, they wouldn’t have the nads to try that”, stop and think what they pulled off with O. There’s not a bigger crowd of suckers than right out here in tv land.

5 CzechRebel January 15, 2013 at 8:05 pm

@ Terry Lee

Well, the Gospel message carries a very clear pro-Second Amendment message from none other than Jesus Christ himself. See Luke 22:36.

6 HorseTeethSam January 16, 2013 at 10:49 am

To the preacher who maintains that Sunday mornings are just for the gospel and the gospel alone – I am a Christian, and I sincerely hope that you rethink your stance. There is a war coming, and this is not the time to be quibbling over the “propriety” of whether or not to speak of the coming storm. You better get some guts and get the word out, and stop hiding behind your ecclesiastical robes. If we lose our right to defend ourselves, you likely will soon find yourself without a church in which to deliver that gospel and no congregants to preach it to. There is way more at stake here than just some people’s preference to go squirrel hunting or target shooting.

7 mudboss January 17, 2013 at 1:37 pm

I am prepared, but it will be a losing battle. They (the gov) have much more powerful tools in their war chest than my puny AR-15 or my .45. Yes, they will bring their heavy duty rifles, gernades, tanks, drones… maybe some letal gases spread hither and yon. I will still stand my ground.

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