UN Agenda 21 (a/k/a ‘sustainable development’) threatens your property rights

by Gramfan on January 13, 2013

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“Sustainable development” means no development at all, and, in fact, the removal of people from large sections of the US. All facets of the modern free-market economy, including private property and the family unit, are considered “unsustainable.” Their goal is a planet that supports only one billion people.

John Anthony explains how regulations based on Agenda 21 have already penetrated to the local level in the US.

Agenda 21 EXPLAINED, full version

Uploaded on Dec 23, 2011 by John Anthony

Here is a detailed presentation on what is really in Agenda 21 and the sustainable development movement as defined by the UN. How it will ultimately compromise your property rights.

Regarding Ms. Bruntdland: Some have suggested she is merely a Democrat and I am way off base. First off, Norway does not have a Democratic Party, but rather Socialist democrats. Hopefully there is a difference. Internet research can be a challenge, so I respect those who engage in it! However, check out the XX Congress of the Socialist International in NY. Gro was the first VP of the Socialist International whose goal is to interact with labour, social democrats and socialists worldwide to spread the socialist concept of democracy. It is quite possible to be member of the Democratic Party and a Socialist at the same time. It is members like Gro whose desire it is to move the Democratic party more toward the Social Democratic Party.

I also want to thank “6or8pack” for pointing out my error in mentioning that Betty Perry’s nose was injured by handcuffs. In fact, she slipped during her interaction with officers and hit her nose on the steps. Betty was aware of local ordinances, but chose to ignore them. This landed her in the holding pen. This error is mine.

Some have suggested they have “read Agenda 21 ” and there is nothing dangerous in the book and besides, the document has no power to override their Constitutional right to own and control private property.

To read the book alone, without reading the preceeding and following documentation and activites would be somewhat like looking at a map of Brazil and feeling you now know how Brazilians think and feel.

The name A21 refers not only to the actual book, but to the entire sustainable development movement as defined by the United Nations dating back to the 1970’s through today. That is why it is important to not only listen to the entire video, but research on your own to gain more information. Since this presentation was completed vast new volumes of information have been compiled. Check the sources in the back of the presentation and the United Nation’s own websites to draw your own conclusions.

Thanks for viewing the video and for your observations. John

Presented 11/28/2011 Copyright 2011 John Anthony

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1 Julie January 15, 2013 at 5:54 pm

Agenda 21 is taking place within America , everywhere if one chooses to question the insanity of government decisions. CAFE standards , the Delta Smelt in California , the stopping of highway constructions over spiders. The locking up of land for the Spotted Owl . The EPA mandating sewer systems across America be replaced and or upgraded without the scientific proof it’s needed. There are thousands of incidents. Look at Sandy , I believe they are putting off helping those who lost their homes to force people from their land. AGENDA 21 is literally the end of civilization if fully implemented, the end of humanity and a return to the dark ages as far as electricity.

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