Judge Jeanine Pirro says ‘How DARE YOU?!’ to The Journal News #MolonLabe

by 1389 on January 13, 2013

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Fox News has the story:

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1 Jack Wagner January 15, 2013 at 11:47 am

Editors note: We are not sure whether Jack Wagner is being sarcastic or he believes the government should identify certain people who seem to be especially dangerous to society and make their whereabouts public. Either way, he raises some interesting points about how far a nanny state society might go. Our comments in italics.

– CzechRebel blog admin

How about publishing the names and addresses of those convicted of DUI or possession of a controlled substance.

It might just come to that in this revenge mad society. There are DUI convictions and there are DUI convictions. Suffice it to say that I have some professional background in this area and have seen a few things that average layman rarely sees. First offenders can often be relatively innocent. A boy who went out for his twenty-first birthday and everyone just had to buy him another drink. Having grown up in a teetotaler home, he had only gotten a drink or part of a drink on a few rare occasions. He did not know what to expect. No one thought to offer this youth a ride and he put his own new car into a ditch. We have all seen films of judges in higher profile murder cases give killer less of a tongue lashing than this poor boy. Or a salesman who, while closing the deal with a client, kept finding “one more round” in front of him. Having little experience with alcohol, he was an easy catch. Then there are the not-so-innocent who manage to avoid conviction after conviction and finally lose in court. They all appear the same in black and white print. Of course, no one ever thinks, “Gee, I better not have one more or my name will be in the paper.” We’re also looking at a greedy and self-serving anti-alcohol lobby/industry (think MADD) that keeps tightening up the DUI laws beyond the point where the alcohol level makes any actual difference. So, publishing those names and address accomplishes nothing, except to give self-righteous neo-Puritans, and those who favor creeping shari’a, one more chance to declare victory.

Including “substance abusers” opens even more cans of worms. Many so-called “substance abusers” seek escape from pain. A number of professional athletes have been prosecuted over the years and a few careers ended. Perhaps today’s medical profession and pharmaceutical industry might be able to serve their needs better, but it was not always the cases and a few great athletic names come to mind for their drug arrests and/or convictions. We expect them to play hurt. That hurt causes pain, long after their playing careers are over.

Also, many substance abusers come in pairs: the user and the enabler. Often we have others in the household. For example, son uses drugs and mom lets him live at home well into adulthood. Dad is busy with career and says nothing. Little sister lives at home through college. Son gets caught and their quiet little home in their quiet town is now seen as a “crack house.” Of course, where will it all end? Shall we publish all the names of jaywalkers and divorcees?

Perhaps the state could issue lawn signs to licensed gun owners “ARMED AND DANGEROUS”.

Now that is pretty interesting. Note the word “issue.” That implies that the gun owner could choose to put up such a sign. We know a number of gun owners who would love to have one on their lawns. It might be like those burglar alarm signs people put up in their yards. Even if you have a burglar alarm, you really don’t want a burglar to come on your property and set it off. In the same way, a gun owner might want to ward off potential intruders. Of course, a lot of non-gun owners might like to have one of those warning signs in his own yard, so miscreants might take their business elsewhere.

Well, Jack, we are not sure whether you are with us or against us on this one, but you have raised some interesting points. Thank you for your comments.

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