Ethnic, religious, and racial “sensitivity” for everyone but SERBS

by 1389 on December 27, 2012

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Google ‘Make Me Asian’ App Faces Protests From Asian-American Groups

No crybabies!
No crybabies!

Click the link and read it yourself. I can’t be bothered to excerpt it.

Suffice it to say that a mild joke about hats and mustaches or other costume items purportedly worn by some members of one particular ethnic group, namely eastern Asians, is an entirely different matter from the ongoing and relentless effort to annihilate another ethnic group, namely the Serbs.

Have a sense of proportion already!

I wouldn’t give a rat’s patootie if somebody were to create an app that decorates your photo with clothes and accessories typically worn by Serbs. It’d be a huge improvement. Do you ever see Serbs, at home or in the diaspora, dressing like THIS? Hell no! The bottom line is this: Serbs dress a lot more tastefully than other people do. Want to make fun of us for that? Go right ahead!

Now here’s my point:

When the State Department, the Clinton Administration, the GWB Administration, and yes, the Obama Administration – and NATO and the EU and the mainstream mediaapologize for their roles in the genocidal war against the Serbs – a war which goes on to this day…

…AND when all Serb political prisoners are released from The Hague; when all Serb land and property is restored to its rightful owners; when all destroyed Serb churches, monasteries, cemeteries, homes, and factories are rebuilt –

…then maybe, JUST MAYBE, I’ll start taking all these other crybabies seriously about their widdle hurt feewings.

Or maybe not.

Until then – if you are upset about a “racist portrayal” of yourself – let me be the first to tell you where to go and what to do when you get there!

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